So through the centuries we have wondered what this is all about, why we are here, what is the purpose for the existence of the human race. There have been books, paintings, philosophical discussions, poetry, and pondering through the ages. There have been mistakes and fighting by countries trying to have it be the way seen by only that leader, and there have been many that have died along the way.

Still the question persists trying to find the reason why humans inhabit this planet along with having some kind of influence on something. Why? People have a need to make a difference, they need to know they matter in some way, and they need to know it is for something bigger than just going through the days. I also see that people want to be remembered or better said not forgotten.

Too long have we compared our lives to the lives of other people. Too long have we decided that we had to do the same things that others have done to fit in. Too long has there been judgments of what is right by the standards of a few, and too long we have not had the confidence in ourselves that what is inside is the factor in deciding what makes a full life. Life is an individual phenomenon. Life is based on that inner drive that pushes each human to the life meant for that particular person. It takes time, patience, and practice to listen where that drive is leading plus keeping the many distractions from stopping the progress. But it can be done.

Once a person is put on the course for that life it will not matter what others are doing. It will not matter what they look like or how they dress. It will not bother what kind of house they have or the car they drive. Something else will happen here. Now the heart will be looked at in all the people that are met. The heart will be what matters.

And this will change the perspective that each person wishes to have and the responsibility of each human. Having this empowerment now says that the only one that can stop living from the inside out is the individual. The only one that can have the dream meant for that individual is the person, and the only one that will know when and if it is reached will be only that person having that dream. What is amazing is that each person has a dream meant for only that person. We are, each of us, to go to the end of our dreams. To the place we know we did enough, we were enough, we know enough, we are enough, and we love enough for the lives meant for us.

If each of us were to follow the dream inside of us there would no longer be a reason to judge, compare, or anything except to celebrate and help each other reach success.

When with confidence it can be said, “I was enough.” Because whatever you brought to the world with your gifts was exactly what was needed.

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Liz Cosline

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