Tobago, the place for your vacation holiday.
Tobago has a land area of 300km² (116miles²), and is approximately 42km (26 miles) long and 11km (7 miles) wide. The population is about 51,000, approximately 17,500 of which live in the capital, Scarborough. The climate is tropical, and the islands lie just south of the Atlantic hurricane belt. The Tobago forest reserve claims to be the oldest protected forest in the western world. It was designated as a protected crown reserve on April 17 1776 following representations by Soame Jenyns, a UK MP, who was responsible for development in Tobago. It has remained a protected reserve ever since.
This forested area has a great biodiversity including many species of birds, mammals, frog and (non-poisonous) snakes. It is also one of the most approachable areas of rain-forest since it is relatively small and there are government appointed guides at various locations, who charge very reasonable rates.
The southern area of the island, from Scarborough southwards, is an area called the lowlands. This is a more commercial area of Tobago, and is more dedicated to housing and tourist related activities. This land is particularly flat, although the areas around Buccoo and Bon Accord are in close proximity to the lagoon and swamp land, and are so more affected by high water levels and mosquitoes.

Telephone and Internet Access
The international dialing code for Tobago is 1-868 followed by the seven digit telephone number. Mobile phones that run on various network will work in Tobago but the signal strength varies throughout the Island. Internet access has improved and there are a number of internet cafes sprung up over the last 2 to 3 years.

There are plenty of car rental companies on the island, just be sure to choose wisely, both in terms of quality of vehicle and cover on insurance. Driving is on the left in Tobago, the same as in England, but the opposite to most of the rest of the world. Unfortunately, the driving skills of the locals leave a lot to be desired, as you will find some drivers crawl along talking to all their friends as they drive. The authorities are just about to implement a law to stop driver using their mobile phones while at the wheel, that can only help. This coupled with the odd dog, cow and goat crossing the road, people stopping every ten feet to pick up/drop off, and dodging the pot-holes, makes for interesting driving! When driving and discovering the Island you will experience some of the most spectacular scenic routes but you need to keep your eye on the road, as the road is pot-holed and bends and turns at quite alarming angles. But it is journey worth doing, just take your time, be careful, and enjoy it!

The International Airport
Tobago’s International airport is Crown Point, on the southernmost tip of the island. It’s a fairly small airport in terms of those seen in Europe and the US, but generally quite efficient. When entering the country, once all necessary immigration and baggage collection has been done, you will be greeted by a wall of taxi drivers, hotel porters and families looking for incoming relations. Most of the hotels arrange a ‘meet and greet’ at this point and will use either cars or buses to take you to your hotel. If, on the other hand, you have made no prior arrangements, then there are plenty of taxi drivers available, all ready and willing to help.

Tobago is virtually the opposite of Trinidad, and at times it’s hard to believe the two islands share a common flag. Trinidad newspapers constantly tell shocking stories of theft, murder, abduction and all kinds of other crimes, whereas Tobago is proud of its safe and secure status. Don’t get me wrong, it may not be the safest places on the planet, but you can feel secure walking around at night, for as long as you travel around sensibly. Try not to walk around with large amounts of cash, showing off huge amounts of jewelery, and electronic gadgets. If you are sensibly careful, then you should have no problems.

Tobago has a good mix of types of accommodation from small guest house and apartments, hotels, tourist resorts, to luxury villas. Some of the hotels offer all inclusive package which appear to be popular and cost effective, for a more exclusive dream holiday a lot of visitors book a luxury villa with panoramic sea views, your own private swimming pools and just to make it more relaxing, daily maid service is included in the price.

There's so much to do
For those of you wishing for a active holiday then there are many activities available such as Golf, Fishing, Cycling, Horse Riding, Water sports and more.

Bicycles are a good way of seeing the island and can be rented locally. There is a Cycling Classic Festival in September, when cars make way for the hordes of cyclists from all around the world. Both on and off-road cycling is plentiful.

Water sports
Boat tours are one of the most popular ways to explore the Island. Several operators work the waters, offering full day trips with a barbeque lunch or sunset trips. Sailing is very popular and half day or full day trips can be arranged on an array of sailing boats from 50 foot yachts to hobby cats.

For those how just like a relaxing boat trip then the glass bottom boats are for you. Explore the underwater world through the crystal clear Caribbean waters. Jet skis are available for hirer and for those more adventurous, then you need to try kite surfing.

Horse Riding
Those who prefer a slower, earth-bound tour can go horse trekking including beach ride and swim packages with tuition.

There are two excellent pristine courses on the island. Tobago Plantations on wind-blown Atlantic fifteen and Mount Irvine on the Caribbean side.

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling
Tobago is one of the best scuba diving sports in the south-eastern Caribbean, yet it has relatively few divers visiting its pristine coral reefs, volcanic formations and marine wrecks.

The aquamarine seas around Tobago are home to 300 species of south
Atlantic coral and a variety of spectacular multicolored fish, including the neon orange- and – blue parrot fish, the black- and- yellow- striped sergeant majors and every species of angel fish, not to mention such larger species such whales, stingrays, sharks, dolphins, turtles, squid, and an enormous number of manta rays.

There are a number of certified scuba diving operators.

Sport Fishing
Chartering a sport fishing boat is exciting, rich picking of Marlin, sale fish, Tuna and Dolphin (not flipper!) are caught all year round.

The tourist board holds a list of well-established, trained guides, offering hiking and wildlife tours. There are over 430 different species of birds, 620 different species of butterflies, 2300 different shrubs and plants, 700 of them orchids.

There are 100 different mammals including a huge variety of bats, and 70 different reptiles. It’s little wonder that some of the country’s most regular visitors are international film-makers shooting key sequences for wildlife documentaries, like David Attenborough’s, The Trials of Life.
Should you want any further information on the Paradise Island of Tobago? Then please do not hesitate in contacting the author of this article as I am now living and enjoying Tobago every day and would like to help.
Author; Clive Peterson
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I am now living in Tobago and thought i would put pen to paper to inform others about this wonderful place.
This is Paradise and the last remaining Caribbean Island unspoiled and the ideal place for a truly magical vacation holiday. If you like to relax and take it all in, or if you like the more energetic life style then its all here for you.
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