Is Be Do Have What Gets Goals Achieved?

Nearly everyone will freely admit that they need to set goals in order to achieve success. However, the methods that people use for their goal achievement are vastly different. They might believe in setting achievable goals, but then they go about the process completely backwards. So what exactly is the secret to achieving success? The best way to go about your goal achieving process is to be what you want, then do it, and then have it. Most people go about this process completely opposite to this. They try to do first, then have it, and then be what they wish.

What happens when we do first?

Before we can do something, we must first be something. When people get this backwards they will always struggle. For example, this is probably a common scenario in your life or someone you know. In your job you take on all kinds of extra tasks just hoping to get noticed. You come in early and stay late. This means that you are doing something first. You tell yourself that by doing this you will get that promotion (having something). Then as a result of all of this, you will be happy and fulfilled. You are trying to do, have, and then be. The result of this type of thinking will get you frustrated and you’ll feel like you’re spinning your wheels. More often than not you will continue to work the twelve hour days and it won’t matter. You’ll get more discouraged and promotions will continue to pass you by because of your attitude.

If it’s OK For Athletes, Why Not For Everyone?

Most of us who watch sports accept this methodology as the norm. It is completely the norm and we accept that. Think about it for a second. We know that athletes visualize what they want to do. All of the great athletes talk about this. Jack Nicklaus wouldn’t even pick up a golf club until he had seen the shot in his mind and got the feeling he needed. Therefore he was being successful in his own mind first. This is paramount for athletes. In basketball, if a shooter isn’t completely confident and they know that their shot is going in, it won’t. So why do we perform completely differently in our daily lives?

Why Conforming Does Not Equal Success?

The truth is that conforming to the masses method of Do, Have, Be is a losing proposition. If you implement this method in your life, you will be struggling throughout your life. Just because everyone does it that way doesn’t make it right. Only a small percentage of the population actually experiences massive success in their life. This isn’t because they followed the mass. They went out with the method that they knew was right and they did it. It was best summed up by Thomas Troward when he said, “I am, therefore I can (Do) and therefore I will (Have).”

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