This makes no sense. It didn’t to me either. September 11 carries deep scars in my heart. On the first anniversary of the attack, we buried my youngest son. I was thrown in the pit of sorrow with thousands of others who tasted the bitterness of grief.

Then something happened. God’s face shone through the clouds of gloom. I guess you need to be physically blind like me to be able to see the radiance of His presence when the darkest moments suck our joy, steal the energy we need to keep going, and rob the peace we once knew.

But in the rubble of ugly emotions, God’s Word resonated in my heart. He said to be still. Yes, He did…be still. For in that quiet of our soul, He can whisper His deepest comfort. It’s in that calmness of our mind that He allows His promise to seep through. And it’s in that still of our emotions that His comfort becomes real.

His compassion takes all the threads of pain, heartache, anguish, and agony and ties them into a tapestry of purpose. Though loss stings, tragedy paralyzes, and disaster leaves us numb, His voice turns the tide. It did for me. And it can for you.

Now September 11 is a reminder of the hope we have because of Him, the confidence we can face tomorrow because He’s already there. He gives us the direction, the path, and the way to the still waters of His grace.

“Be still”—is that resonating in your heart?

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