Oceanic Pharmachem Private Limited (OPPL) believes that being abreast of the latest trends in HR helps shape
and optimize a fruitful work culture.
Reach, conversion, and loyalty - which are essentially marketing terms – are now being applied to
internal customers, the employees. HR professionals don’t have to choose between focusing their
time on building individual relationships with each employee versus finishing up paperwork. People &
processes are fast coming together and technology lets candidates & employees take control of their
own journey.
The current strategies and trends which are helping leverage HR goals across the industry are:
Continuous feedback for more personal growth
Feedback reviews are changing as more employees report being uninterested in performance reviews.
Employees can receive feedback twice a week, with more corrective reviews, which is far more
desirable and constructive than any form. It is important that they know what specifically went right
and what could be improved for next time. Professionals want career advancement, with proper
Bringing learning online and across the organization
Continuous learning is going to a hot trend as HR leaders increasingly recognize the need to overhaul
learning and development opportunities for their employees. Digital training through learning
management software (LMS) is an attractive option because it gives HR teams the ability to measure
employee productivity through data. It also makes for a more collaborative experience since various
departments across the organization supply learning content.
Unique benefits to stand out in the job market
Employers are steadily offering unique benefits to attract new talent. Insurance, Medical Assistance,
Loans, Child Education are some of the benefits that are included. Once considered as extravagant
expense, this is slowly being standardized.
Focusing on wellness beyond the office
HR departments are recognizing the value of work-life balance. Specifically, many companies are
putting policies in place that limit checking email while out of the office and working while on paid
time-off (PTO). They are trying to be proactive about encouraging people to use more PTO and to
actually stay offline during the period.
Alleviating work stress
HR departments are also looking at ways to mitigate stress in the office. Personal and financial stresses
have always crept into the workplace, hence companies are now taking the initiative to help
employees manage them. Salaries can’t just keep on increasing, and health benefits costs are hurting
those budgets, so more and more companies are working financial and mental health into their regular
wellness programs.

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Oceanic Pharmachem Pvt Ltd, located in Mumbai, India, was stablished in 1998 by Mr. J J Shah, who has a reputed name in the industry, with experience and knowledge of more than 40 years. Oceanic Pharmachem Pvt Ltd was founded with a view to cater to the Pharmaceutical and Fine chemicals requirement of Multinational and International Companies.