In selecting a school for our children, there are many elements parents will investigate. In choosing the correct pathway and setting for any child, decisions will be based on a range of factors. Here in Dubai, the range of options is vast, in terms of price point, curriculum and location.

One aspect of critical importance on any child’s successful learning journey which should be founded in success, challenge and happiness will be their readiness and agility in selecting and managing their own professional or vocational and career pathway. Equipping students with the skills necessary needs to be an area of focus for all schools and educators, strategically embedded in both the formal and hidden curriculum at schools.

An emphasis on developing leadership skills and opportunities in students within and beyond the school gates should be significant. From primary age, a range of leadership groups can work closely with staff, parents and their peers to positively impact practices, policy and provision. Groups such as our Wellbeing Warriors, Heritage Heroes and Tech Gurus are an integral part of many school approaches to leadership development with Student Counselors, Performing Arts Leaders, Journalists and Paparazzi groups work diligently to impact both within and beyond the school gates.

A focus on communication, collaboration and connectivity, cultivated from early years with peer led learning opportunities and a formalized buddy learning system in place can further develop the skills required for students to be ready and able to maximize their learning opportunities. The Wakeham Review of STEM (Science, Technology, and Engineering & Mathematics) degree provision and employability (2016) stressed the importance of building transferable skills and providing work experience. It commented on the need for ‘softer skills such team-work and project management’ to be embedded in the curriculum and for more employers to offer work experience.

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