What is your first priority when you have a business idea in your mind? Are you little bit confused about what should be your first step? Making your business toll free gives you an edge over your competitors. Now you have hundreds of questions appearing in your mind.

What is 1800 Toll Free Numbers?

You must have heard or seen the contact number starting with 1800 number in a advertisement of a company or contact details of any company. If you call in these 1800 number then it will not charge you for your call irrespective of your location, network provider & duration of calls. So, when a customer calls in a toll free number of a business organization then the call charges are solely bearded by the business organization.
So this technology of calling not only relives the customer or client only by cost reducing, toll free number also help a customer by simply connecting with the business organizations. As per your (organization’s) requirement, multiple number of extensions of your organization can be added with the 1800 toll free number. It makes your organization more structured which will help you to provide your customer more sophisticated service in an easy operation technology.

Why Does a Business Really Require an 1800 Number?
Those days are over where expansive phone directories were maintained and upgraded physically. In 2020, each perspective of communication has gotten to be distant more successful, mechanized and locks in.
The below advantages you can gain through toll free number
1. Brand Building - Toll free number boost your organization's brand identity. A organization or business having toll free number, instantly puts the organization's in the image of a serious business.
2. Business Connectivity - Toll free number help your business to stay always connected with your customers. An 1800 number is always easy to remember for a customer of a business organization. Your customer will be able to connect with your organization, no matter where your business is located.
3. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction - Toll free number is loaded with features like IVR solution, Call Tracking, Call Transfer, On Hold Music, Call Conference, Call Forwarding and many more. Average customer's waiting time will be reduced with this automated features and customer will experience more professional experience from your customer service.
4. Best Marketing tool - Toll free technology has features like Live panel, Call report, Call Tracking, Time Dependent routing and many more. Those tools of toll free numbers helps a business organization to monitor its customer calls, generate insight reports of customer calls. Those information help the organization to understand customer need.
5. Increase your customer calls - Your business tollfree number gains trust and credibility towards your company from your prospects. The free calling feature of the 1800 number increases the chances of prospects connecting with your business.

Toll Free Number: Is it Worth the Money You Pay?

Certainly yes! Clearly, each trade needs the finest esteem for the venture. Toll free numbers are virtual and provide clients the adaptability to arrange to steer depending on the time of day, accessibility of the client and the root of the calling party. You too have a choice to point it to a live replying benefit. This way, you never miss a commerce opportunity. Plenty of genuine marketers are profited by free detailing devices that are made accessible with this benefit. These are utilized not only for increasing deals but too assist you to create educated choices, for planning and for preparing etc. Most critical of all is the fact that 1800 numbers are portable and you possess the rights of utilizing that number so you are doing not have to be stress approximately changing the number. Moreover, you have got the alternative of choosing conceit numbers, on the off chance that you consider certain series fortunate for you!
Investing in business communication is one of the priorities for every business so go toll free and get the best value for your money!

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Sayantan Das, Digital Marketing Executive, Microtalk Communications Pvt Ltd. Microtalk communication is a tier 1 ISP in India. Microtalk is also a DOT licensed approved telecom service provider in India that manages an average of 40 million calls in a month.