The tongue is produced as to recognize the differed tastes of sustenance one from the other, the sweet from the acrid, the simply sharp from the sweetish harsh, the saltish from the sweet. The tongue likewise feels the enjoyableness of water and sustenance.

The teeth bite the sustenance to make it delicate enough for simple processing. They additionally obstruct the lips from being sucked into the mouth. An individual who has lost his teeth supposedly has freely moving lips. The lips help to suck in water, in order to permit just a specified measure of water to enter the stomach as required, rather than flooding down voluntarily and
delivering suffocation in the throat, or leaving to a type of inner aggravation by ethicalness of its intense stream. In addition, the two lips fill in as an entryway to keep the mouth close freely.

We have disclosed to you the differing capacities performed by them and the advantages originating from them, just as how a similar organ may fill various needs. For occurrence, the hatchet which a woodworker can utilize may likewise be utilized for burrowing the earth and for different purposes.

Defensive Framework

In the event that you take a gander at the mind, you will think that its enveloped with layers one upon the other
to shield it from wounds and development. The skull secures it as a head protector against being broken to pieces by a thump or blow upon the head. The skull is secured with hair like a woolen covering, defending it against warmth and cold.

Who, at that point, aside from Omnipotent Allah enriched the cerebrum with such security and security, and Who made it the chief wellspring of sense observation, and Who made the game plans for its extra-standard security in examination with every single other piece of the body in light of its significant status in the body?

Simply consider the eye-top, how it is molded as a screen for the eye with the eye-lashes like the strings, for raising and bringing down the screen. Simply see how the eye-ball is set in a cavity concealed by the screen and hair.

Who has hidden the heart inside the bosom and secured it with a screen which you call the layer? Who has masterminded its insurance by methods for the ribs, the
muscles and substance entwined so as to forestall anything getting to it to cause a scraped spot? Who has formed the two openings in the throat - one for its creation of the sound associated with the lungs and the other called the neck prompting the stomach for section of the sustenance. Also, who has set a fold, the epiglottis, over the gap prompting the larynx, to forestall nourishment entering the lungs, which would cause passing if not hence oversaw? Who has made the lungs fan air to the heart strenuously without rest to evacuate the poisons that would demolish it generally?

Who has molded the sphincters, controlling the outlets of pee and stool, similar to the strings of a satchel, to be opened or shut freely and not be dribbling constantly,
naturally bringing about a steady irritation throughout everyday life? Also there are matters which a PC may figure, yet others which men have no learning of and are past calculation.It all about Hazrat Ali Quotes each and single word has its own value.

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