Past Few Years, health experts insist much on the importance of adequate sport. And it is true That Many People in our society, err on the side of inactivity. The sport is well known, HAS several advantages. Among other things, it Improves cardiovascular function, helps build muscle and Maintain a healthy weight. Good Reasons not to miss out! Some people, however, Have a sport too. However, physical exercise, When too intense, has many Health Risks absolute inactivity. This is the proof That even the best things must be done in moderation!

Who is at risk?

Competitive athletes, adults and children are Those Most Likely to suffer from excess of Their intensive sport. It Seems That intense endurance sports Such as distance running, are Most Likely to lead to excess. Men and women with eating disorders, bulimia Including, some disease are affected by the problem. Some people, Because of pre-existing health problems Such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease or asthma, may present some Risks, and even if physical activity Does not Seem excessive at first glance.

Risk for muscles

People who are at risk too sports MOST of Developing bone disease. Premature wear of bones, Particularly Among Those who play impact sports, can Promote the development of a problem of osteoarthritis. Fractures and sprains are injuries That Commonly found Among athletes, and When They Occur, Often weaken the bones and cartilage in the long term.

Risk for cardio-respiratory system

Someone who practices a sport excessively are more Likely to suffer cardiac arrest or suffer from tachycardia than personal physical abilities. Especially this is true When the person is not trained Sufficiently in advance, and That, Therefore, his body was not used to intensive sport. People with eating disorders are at risk Particularly, Especially Because of

Deficiencies Often thesis disorders. Smokers and people with heart or lung problems, should be cautious against the intensive sports activity.


Regular exercise is too intense because severe dehydration can due to sweating, Especially if the athlete Does not bother to Properly rehydrate and falling on Effective exercise. The Risks are dehydration, Among other things, a drop in blood pressure, tiredness, demineralization of vital organs.


In women, a sport can causes excessive menstrual Irregularities and infertility. The risk is even for women who weigh Greater less than the recommended standards.

Risk for mental health

While a regular physical activity HAS Many benefits for mental health, the excess material Can Have perverse effects. In fact, athletes can economic development of symptoms of dependence. Practice Will Become compulsive, and it will be very difficult to curb. Often athletes compulsive symptoms of depression and anxiety. In some cases, the obsession for the sport open the door to other drugs, Such as anabolic steroids, stimulants or opiates (to continue to train DESPITE bread).

Among children sports Excess

Children who participate in. several hours of sport per day may weaken bones and cartilage not yet fully formed. They can experiment with growth disorders. In girls, puberty may be delayed. In addition, in Both boys and girls, devoting excessive energy falling on a sport in childhood can Increase the Risk of Developing an eating disorder, or other mental health problems in adolescence.

Don't panic and stop reading this article Instantly from Any form of exercise! The Risks APPROBATION relates to a tiny percentage of the population. If you are sports Concerned that has an adverse effect on your health, it is highly recommended to talk to a doctor. It may reassure you, or offer you a training Adapted to your personal situation.

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