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I am single and dating a few women casually. Most of my friends have a date for Valentine’s day, and I am seeing a girl yet I don’t want to do all the romantic gushy stuff this soon in our relationship. Are there a few things I could do to keep her happy without going “ Valentines crazy” on that night? I don’t want to spend a lot on her at this point, but keep her in the mix of my dating. I am not cheap but after only a few dates it seems silly to go all out since she is not my girlfriend. My single friends want me to hook up with them? Suggestions?

Too soon for a heavy Valentine’s Day?

Too soon for a heavy Valentine’s Day?

Well it that time of year again...Valentines Day and it can sometimes put people into a funky mood since they aren’t in love or with someone special. Count your blessings …Hey at least you have someone that you are dating and have an some interest. In my Rapid Dating business this is a busy time of year and if you are single and reading this there are millions of singles looking for love! About your new friend… you want to acknowledge the connection without going overboard. Since I work with mostly men it is just not a big deal for most of them. Just another day for Hallmark to make millions according to many of the men I talk with. For women it still pushes some buttons even if we don’t like to admit it. Since you asked you must like her so here are a few suggestions for people who are just starting to date to do for Valentines Day without going overboard. Whether you’re a man or a woman a small thoughtful gift makes your day and you don’t have to spend tons of money. :
1. Send a card that is funny and leave a small box of chocolates for your new friend
2. Put a few hershey kisses at their door step with a single flower.
3. Call to say hello and that you were thinking of them.
4. Go to lunch instead of an expensive dinner.
5. You could discuss your thoughts and say “hey I like you but we aren’t at the Valentine’s Day Stages yet. But I am getting together with friends for a dinner if you’d like to join us.” Then your friends can check out your date and you can please everyone!

SINGLES! A few suggestions:
If you are single come to my * Valentine’s “Spreading the LOVE” Cocktail Dance Party to connect with other great singles on Sunday Feb 13th from 6:30-11:00 Pm at The V LOUNGE in Santa Monica. (all the info on the site)
Get a group together and be a cupid! I suggest to plan a gathering of friends (even a few) and each person bring a gift like a flower or chocolates and go and celebrate love and friendship together. You could initiate the gathering! Count your blessings and toast to the love yet to come. Tell each other what type of person your looking for and have your friend assist you in your search. My friends call it the “LOVE CLUB” and we have done this ritual for years.

Don’t stay home alone and pout. If you have a fun group and don't want to join the crowds, have everyone bring a dish over to your place and have a potluck and rent "When Harry Met Sally" “The NoteBook” or other romantic favorites. Bring along an extra single friend who doesn’t know any one in your group and play cupid or get a group and go out dancing, bowling or to a play. Plan ahead!
Be in charge...Be your own Valentine! There are many events and parties happening around town so check the internet and in local papers or plan your own.
Come check out my Valentines Extravaganza and Hot Seminars to tune you up for love this year! they are all founf at http:/

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