So, are you too miserable to be happy? This may sound funny to some but I’m guessing that there are people out there who understand this all too well. There are times that you may be in a state of such tremendous negativity that it’s almost impossible for anyone or anything to positively influence you. Can anyone relate to this?

So, what can we do to help ourselves during times of such misery and negativity? The first thing we can do is to realize that “this too shall pass”. Part of this negativity may be a feeling of never ending misery and suffering, where as if we look back at when we last felt this way, we’ll probably see that it did pass and happier days did come. Just knowing that these horrible feeling will pass is in itself a positive outlook which somewhat offsets the negativity.

I understand that during times of such great negativity that you may not want to do anything to help yourself, that’s part of the negativity. However, if you have truly had enough of feeling this way then I would hope that you would have even the slightest bit of willingness to try. Have you ever heard the expression, “move a muscle, change a thought”? Regardless of whether you want to do this or not is not important, the important part is to do it. If your alone and miserable, perhaps you could find some people do be with. That may be the change you need. Maybe you’ve been around people all day and could use some alone time. Whatever it is that you’re doing isn’t working, so do something else, just be sure it’s positive and healthy.

Becoming a happy, peaceful and balanced person isn’t necessarily easy. This may come quickly for some and may take years for others. Changing such negativity may take a while but if you work at it by practicing the principles described in the posts on my site,, I believe that you will make gradual improvements. Of course, this site is not the only help source available. Perhaps you’ll discover a religion that will be of great spiritual help to you as well or maybe you’ll benefit from some of the “helpful links” that I have included on this site. You may need some professional help as well, perhaps a good psychotherapist or psychiatrist, I am not a mental health professional so that’s just my opinion, but I know such pros can help. This is a process, a spiritual and mental journey, hence the sub-title of my site, “helping you on the path to happiness”. When we take a path, we leave one place and move towards another. The final destination of life is death so let’s not be in a rush to get to the end. Enjoy the journey while on this spiritual path, growing a little more with every step, becoming a little happier year after year until you’re gratitude is so great that it has the ability to bring you to tears. I was once too miserable to be happy or grateful, now I am too happy and grateful to be miserable and I wish you the same.

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My name is Alan and I hope I can help you to be as happy and grateful as I have become. I wasn’t always this way, I spent many years being depressed and miserable. I no longer wanted to feel this way, so I changed. I believe that most anyone can be happy, if they have the desire and willingness necessary to change. I have wished that I could share my experiences with others, so that they may find the same type of peace, happiness and contentment that I have attained. Hence…

I am not a doctor or mental health professional. My views and insights are a result of almost twenty years of intensive spiritual, religious and psychological training and practice. Becoming happy is not necessarily an overnight matter, so be diligent and patient. Some will experience results more quickly than others. I personally experienced a gradual progression towards happiness. This may take some time so stick with it! You may be the last to notice how much you’ve changed. Don’t quit before the miracle happens.

I wish you peace and happiness.