Whether on a regular basis, or during a crisis, we all experience times in our life and business when we need to pivot. Our panel speakers will discuss what it takes to properly pivot in our businesses. What does it take to pivot from a “live event” into a “virtual event”, while retaining the magic and the connections women make when meeting in person? Brigitte Lessard-Deyell will discuss the multiple tools she is using to do just that with Women Talk Online!
We will also explore how the COVID-19 pandemic has created different reactions for people around the world. In this presentation, Tessa Martin will help you understand the brain and how to support yourself with the right tools depending on which area of the brain is activated.
Our panel event will be moderated by Lani Donaldson. Visionary leader of Engaged Educators, Lani had to quickly adapt by pivoting her NAS (Not A School) Project from in class teaching to online school format. From her early days as a rookie teacher, Lani Donaldson immediately saw places where the system supported the system and not the student. She is considered an educational innovator because she studies ‘the fit’. The fit for how minds learn, how education works, how systems work and most importantly how children are best taught.
Speaker Bio

Tessa Martin is a Registered Psychologist and owner of Serenity Now Wellness Centre Inc. She has owned her business for 7.5 years and expanded from a solo-preneur to an office with four associates. She was the 2011 International Emerging Leader and continues to lead in several areas of her life. She is a mother to two children and still is active playing soccer and going to the gym.

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Event Information
- Start Date: 06/18/2020 06:30 PM
- End Date: 06/18/2020 08:30 PM
- Timezone: Canada/Mountain, Informal Networkin g6:15 PM
- Location: Online, Canada
- Chapter: Calgary, AB

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