A common conundrum amongst people having toothaches or dental complications is - "Whether to pull it out or look to save it from a reliable dental expert?"

Truth be told- the easier way to be rid of that infected or diseased tooth is to yank it out hard. However, there is no need to go off the boil. At first, pulling out the tooth may seem to be an easy choice, but it may not be the best option.

This is because most people aren’t totally aware of the perks of saving their natural tooth. If that is so, then perhaps these points may help educate them about it.

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i. Your Natural Teeth Is Stronger And Tends To Function More Efficiently Than The Artificial Ones

One of the most crucial reasons to not pull your tooth out is because they are stronger, and functions better than the artificial ones.

They are also easier to care regardless of how advanced technologies and materials have gotten, over time.

ii. Prevents Shifting Of Any Any Natural Teeth

Pulling out a tooth creates a gap in one’s smile, and even lets the surrounding teeth to shift. The shifting takes time and can eventually lead to the issues of chewing and bite alignment. And when this happens, it can lead to poor nutrition, reduced quality of life and domino effects of pain.

It also jeopardises your natural smile and creates a situation of embarrassment for you.

iii. Pulling A Tooth Can Bring More Pain (especially those immediate days after the treatment)

Jackson Weise - a dentist serving Adelaide says -

"Pulling a tooth can be painful, and reports show that those who opted to remove their damaged tooth suffered more pain than before in the immediate few days later.

The pain can be more if they experience a dry socket. In contrary to this, not removing the tooth ensures it stays in the root canal and with the infection eliminated, chances of dry socket is very rare."

iv. Proves More Cost-Convenient In Comparison To Tooth Pulling

Believe it or not, but pulling a tooth may prove more costly than saving it. Tooth replacements will require more money and time, not to forget the emotional tension and physical labour.

Lots Of Options To Save An Infected or Diseased Tooth/Teeth

All these above details make it obvious that one should hang on to their natural tooth/teeth. And if decay and infection are wreaking havoc (more than usual), then one can always opt or tooth fillings or damaged tooth restorations.

For more severe conditions; one can even opt for the Root Canal Therapy, which involves the process of taking out the tooth nerve and cleaning whatever infection lies inside it. This treatment takes numerous sessions and is only complete when there is no trace of the infection.

Yet, to be safe than sorry, a top-rated Adelaide Gentle Dentist performing this RCT will even suggest or put a crown to safeguard the tooth from more trauma, thus allowing it to last for a long... long time.

Final Words

Whether one wishes to pull out their teeth/tooth or save it with proper preventative dentistry, it is their decision to make.

But in general, saving the tooth seems more rational, simply because it allows one to keep their natural tooth and also saves them from that state of raw, agonising and inescapable anguish felt on those few days immediately after the treatment.

If You Have a Dental Issue, feel free to speak to a distinguished dentist serving the area and seek for proper dental care advice. She/he will be happy to help.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a top-rated Adelaide Dentist performing RCT and many other preventative dentistry treatments. The author is also a writer who loves to educate the readers about tooth care.