The tooth extraction procedure is one of the most common surgical procedures one can go through. Tooth extraction, one of the simplest procedures performed here, Dr. Rolle, the founder of the clinic Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery performs it with complete precision and ensures that the patient feels completely safe and comfortable during the procedure and can recover faster once it is done.

So, here, in the following points, you will get a walkthrough of the various steps that will tell you what you can expect from Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery once you visit. Take a look.

Why Tooth Removal Might be Necessary?

Tooth removal, as simple as it might sound, can be done for various reasons. Your tooth might be completely decayed or impacted beyond repair. Or an impacted tooth may cause problems for other teeth as well. Now, it is time for you to get the initial consultation from Dr. Richard Rolle Jr. He is an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon with a history of practicing at several level-one and level-two trauma centers. During the first consultation, he will assess the situation of your tooth and the necessity of a tooth extraction procedure. He will also tell you about the alternatives that you can have.

During this consultation, you need to inform him and the clinic if you have any existing health issues, and if you are on any constant medication. During this consultation, the doctor will decide what type of anesthesia he will opt for during the procedure. For tooth extraction, it is generally local anesthesia that doctors go for.

The Extraction Process

During the procedure, you will be given the local anesthesia injection first. Your gum and jaw surrounding the tooth will be completely numbed and you will feel no pain. However, during the procedure, you will feel a lot of pressure as the doctor will be widening the socket and pulling out the tooth. However, the reason for no pain is because the nerve for transmitting the sensation will be numbed completely.

Dr. Rolle might need to do sectioning of your tooth if the tooth is too deep-rooted. This way, the doctor will divide the tooth into sections and bring them out.

After Tooth Extraction

Once the tooth extraction is done, you will be asked to bite a gauze pad for 30 -45 minutes. This will stop the blog flowing from the place of extraction and help in forming a blood clot. This process is crucial as the blood clot formation will indicate that the process of healing has started. In case you are still bleeding, you will be asked to bite on a gauze pad again for some more time.

Once the blood clot is formed, you need to ensure that it doesn’t get dislodged from the place. That is why vigorous rinsing of your mouth with water or brushing hard will be prohibited. The process will cause the side of your face to become swollen. For this, you need to compress ice for the next 36 hours after the surgery is done. You will be prescribed with some medication including pain killers and antibiotics. You need to take them to keep the fear of infection at bay.

So, now as you know how straight forward the tooth extraction procedure is and how comfortably it is done at Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery, what are you waiting for? Book your appointment now to experience excellence.

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Dr. Richard Rolle Jr. is an expert oral and maxillofacial surgeon who performs a tooth extraction procedure at his clinic every day. Book your appointment at Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery to get it done.