Breast augmentation surgery remains one of the most popular plastic surgeries around the world. Thus, it is logical that women must continue to find several benefits of the procedure. While it has many benefits, here are the top amazing benefits of breast augmentation surgery.

#1: Improved Self Esteem & Confidence

One of the primary benefits of breast implants is that they help improve a woman’s self-esteem and confidence. A small chest can affect a woman’s perception of herself, especially when busty women continue to be coveted in the media. Also, sometimes, a patient may be the only one in their family who does not have a larger chest. Breast implants can help resolve these issues and make a woman feel more confident in herself and her body.

#2: Better Breast Symmetry

All breasts are asymmetrical. However, few breasts are noticeably asymmetric, and normal asymmetry usually does not impact a woman’s life. Some women do have significant asymmetry which makes wearing bras and clothing difficult. It can even be painful if the weight distribution is too different on each side. Also, this can a woman’s self-esteem.

Breast augmentation Sarasota can help create more natural and symmetrical breasts. This can be done with two different size breast implants or a unilateral breast lift in some cases. The plastic surgeon will decide based on the patient’s anatomy what the right surgery is, but breast augmentation is often involved.


3: Restore Breast Appearance After Pregnancy

Pregnancy causes many changes to the breasts. They enlarge and shrink which can cause stretch marks, breast volume loss, extra skin, and sagging. With all the emotions of a new baby, women can often become distressed or discouraged by the changes in their bodies. This is completely understandable.

If a woman has stopped breastfeeding, she can undergo breast augmentation surgery can help restore the breast volume lost due to pregnancy. When performed alongside a breast lift (when necessary), it also can provide perkier, more youthful breasts.

#4: Youthful Body Contours

Natural aging, pregnancies, and weight changes throughout the years can all cause the breasts to sag and look less youthful. Even for patients who did not have much breast tissue when they were younger, the changes can still be alarming. Breast implants can restore lost volume and enhance the shape of the breast for perkier breasts and a generally younger breast profile.

#5: Enhanced Cleavage

A common goal among breast augmentation Sarasota patients is that they want more cleavage. Using high-profile breast implants can be achieved for most patients. More cleavage allows patients to feel more confident in clothing and better fill it out. Wearing low-cut tops, or even just filling out a blouse can be difficult for women with small chests. Therefore, increasing the amount of cleavage they have, can help them explore more clothing options.

#6: New Clothing Options

Women’s clothing is often constructed with an average breast size in mind. Due to this, women with small breasts sometimes find it difficult not to experience gaping in their clothes or having to put clothes back on the rack because it does not fit well over their chest. Breast augmentation surgery can help alleviate this.

#7: Augmented Breasts

The most obvious benefit of breast augmentation is having larger breasts. Many women with all breast types and sizes often wish they could add volume to their chests. Breast implants come in all shapes and sizes which allows any woman of any size or build to find her ideal breast implant shape, size, and type.

#8: More Sexual Satisfaction

While breast augmentation is not something that should be done for a partner, many women report more sexual satisfaction following their breast augmentation surgery. This includes women with and without a committed significant other. This can be attributed to increased feelings of confidence that allow women to better explore their sexuality.

#9: Long-Lasting Results

Breast augmentation in Sarasota is a procedure that can produce long-lasting and potentially life-long results. Breast implants are built to last for years. While some recommend replacing breast implants every ten years, the consensus is shifting more towards not replacing them unless there is an issue.

The newest generation of breast implants—gummy bear breast implants—have a great longevity record and many breast implant manufacturers come with lifetime warranties on their breast implants.

#10: Customizable Results

Breast augmentation is a surgery with several ways to custom plan it to meet the patient’s anatomy and goals. This includes different types of implants: saline, silicone, and gummy bear. Other options include choosing the profile, shape, and size of the implant. This is often done with the help of your surgeon and their team.

This does mean that the cost of breast augmentation can vary widely based on the patient’s preferences and needs. However, when compared to the breast lift cost in Sarasota, it is often much less.


Breast augmentation surgery offers patients the opportunity to restore or get the breasts they want. As one of the most performed and sought-after plastic surgeries, it is considered safe and low-risk for most patients. For many women, the benefits largely outweigh any risks.

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