Kristin Sunderhaft, LPGA Certified Golf Instructor

Kristin has taught golf as an LPGA certified instructor for more than 20 years. But after all those years of teeing up the ball for her students in the hot sun, she developed intense stiffness in her joints that made it hard for her to get out of bed. Kristin’s ASEA testimonials accredit drinking this special water to her immediate and dramatic results when it came to recovery time and increased endurance. Kristin’s ASEA journey has been life-changing for her and she hopes to share her story to help other golfers and people with similar joint issues.

Karalyn Hardison, Wife and Mother

Karalyn Hardison, now a mother of four, was very sick. Her body was continuously producing abnormal cells. She went through numerous surgeries and even had a neck dissection to remove lymph nodes and surrounding tissue. But the abnormal cells continued to come back, so she started chemotherapy. She was five weeks into the radiation when she started drinking ASEA. At the time she was on a feeding tube, and could barely drink water, so she slowly began to incorporate ASEA daily at only .5 ounces at a time for four weeks. Then for the six months following that, she drank 16 full ounces daily. After six months she felt completely healed. The abnormal cells stopped returning, and the damage to her body caused by the “treatment” was reversed. She now has her fourth child and feels like she can do anything.

Sinjin Smith, Olympian, Beach Volleyball

Sinjin tried ASEA water before doing his usual training which consisted of running up the stairs in the canyon. He was aware of how he always felt after, and how many sets he could do, so he was quick to notice how good he felt after drinking ASEA, so he pushed himself again and did more sets. His legs were not shaky, and he thought to himself, I know I’ll feel it tomorrow when I’m limping around and sore. But that next day was different for Sinjin, with much less sensation and soreness. ASEA has allowed him to train more often, feel good, and recover quicker!

Jonathan Hollar, Triathlete

The last time Jonathan did a half marathon, two to three days later he had sore ankles, shoulders, and a sore back. He did not even get out of bed for that first day. After eight to ten weeks of drinking ASEA water, he was able to do his full training routine without getting sore the next day, or even the same day. He recovered quickly and was able to go right back and do it again.

Jonathan Tessler, Cyclist/Editor,

Jonathan got his time down to an absolute best of 16:20 on a climb that normally took him 17 minutes. His heart rate stayed in the same place, but his power output was up, and his time was down 40 seconds! He says the only difference in anything he did was drink ASEA.

Ashley Ulrey, Wife and Mother

Since the age of 15, Ashely had been taking multiple prescriptions and using inhalers. She started drinking 16 ounces of ASEA a day, and after just one day, she got out of bed and did not feel the usual achiness in her body or joint pain, and after just seven days of ASEA, she came off of her prescriptions. For 17 years of her 18-year-old daughter’s life, her daughter had only known Ashely to be sick, hospitalized, or in surgery. Because of ASEA Ashley was able to enjoy her teenage daughter’s senior year of high school with her. Her ASEA testimonial is proof that there is no other substitute than ASEA for these redox molecules we must have. She now enjoys time with her family and has the energy to work, cook, and do other things that many other people take for granted.

Antony Galvin, Professional Cyclist

Antony was doing a race on the other side of the country when he was in a horrible crash that landed him in bed for three weeks, taking antibiotics and unable to do anything. That last week he started taking ASEA twice a day. He got right back out and won his next race after not riding at all since his injury.

Josh Horowitz, Pro Cyclist & Coach

Josh is both a coach and a cyclist who takes his training seriously. He uses a power meter that gives him a readout of how much work he is doing. So, since ASEA, he can visibly see the difference in power that he can expend, and for longer periods. He can also do more intervals in a row without resting. In Josh’s ASEA testimonials he credits ASEA for helping him fulfill his childhood dream of racing in the Philadelphia International Championship.

James Lawrence, Ironman Athlete

James is a record-setting triathlete who holds multiple world records for the number of Ironman races he has completed. He started taking ASEA at the time he was training to break a Half-Ironman world record. He was able to run at a faster pace and a steeper incline, all at a lower heart rate! Before starting ASEA he had his VO2 levels tested; ASEA helped him to process oxygen, getting him as close as possible to his max VO2 rate. Before even seeing those numbers, though, he noticed he was able to hold his breath longer while swimming and his overall recovery process improved.

Cam Rogers, Cancer Survivor

Friends and family of Cam’s begged him to share his ASEA testimonial, because statistically, Cam at one point only had a 15% chance of sharing it. Funny enough, Cam began drinking ASEA years before he got sick. He was skeptical over whether the product was having any effect until he survived a surgery that involved removing a metastasized tumor in his lungs, much larger than most cancer patients would even live to see. He did not need chemo or any further treatment after the surgery, and he credits all of this to the fact that ASEA had been working in his system for those four whole years. He does not accredit his survival to a miracle, he accredits it to science. Now he lives to tell his story, all because someone told him to “just keep drinking ASEA, it’s doing something whether you see it or not”.

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