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Selenium may be a convenient and portable software testing tool specifically used for testing web applications. Selenium is that the wide used free and open-source tool used for automation testing of web applications through various browsers and platforms.
Selenium is used for functional and regression testing of web applications. Selenium supports multiple programming and scripting languages like Java, Ruby, Perl, PHP and Python to code the logic behind the test scripts.
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Features of Selenium:
Below mentioned are the features of selenium tool:
• There isn't any licensing value for selenium users, because it is an open-source testing tool.
• Selenium may be a cross-platform tool that supports cross-browser testing.
• Selenium users will perform tests on any OS like android, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Linux.
• Selenium will be used across various browsers like safari, Chrome, IE, Mozilla, and Opera.
• To generate the reports and manage the test cases selenium will be integrated with alternative frameworks like JUnit, TestNG and NUnit.
Drawbacks of Selenium:
There are few disadvantages of selenium automation testing tool.
They are:
• Using selenium one will check only the web applications. It’s not suitable to test desktop or mobile or any standalone applications.
• There is no consistent nominal and technical support from any team because it is an open-source tool.
• Tests of selenium are unstable. If new versions of selenium libraries are free to fix a problem then it's going to disturb or makes the earlier test unstable.
• Due to its low-level API, the check maintenance in selenium may be a struggle. It doesn’t help or assist the developer to affect the error capturing, page screenshots and component locators.
• Using selenium one cannot execute testing on pictures.
The Best selenium Alternatives In 2019
Taking all the above-mentioned disadvantages into thought we've researched the best alternatives and competitors for chemical element. Selenium Training in Bangalore
Here is that the list:
• Ranorex Webtestit
• Screenster
• TestCraft
• Endtest
• Browsersync
1) Ranorex Webtestit
Ranorex Webtestit may be a light-weight IDE for speedy automation of net application UI tests in languages like Java or matter, while not the challenges of selenium framework setup.
Features include:
• Fast and simple setup: Ranorex Webtestit automatically downloads the desired drivers and scaffolds your test framework.
• Automatic generation of UI component locators using the free Ranorex Selocity extension for the Chrome DevTools.
• Cross-browser testing on Windows, macOS, Linux, and android mobile devices, with all common browsers or a headless browser on your local machine. Or, distribute tests on a selenium grid or to cloud-based suppliers.
• Integration with tools like Jira for defect tracking, CI servers like VSTS and Jenkins, and TestRail test case management.
2) Screenster
Screenster is a final visual regression testing tool for websites and web applications. It provides a cloud-based platform to perform UI (User Interface) automation testing. Screenster promises ten times additional productivity than alternative selenium alternatives.
• Non-technical users become additional productive by using Screenster and are able to produce higher tests.
• Screenster is provided with few interesting features like automatic timeout management and auto-correcting smart selectors that are not available with chemical element.
• Each and every characteristic of a UI is covered with Screenster’s automatic Content Verification and Visual Baselines.
• Without any coding, the users will automate the UI check cases on a local server or on the cloud. Learning Curve of Screenster, compared with chemical element, is smooth.
• Screenster has become special for UI automation testing because of its features like coded and codeless tests, parallel test execution, the baseline of UI state, Team portal for collaboration and self-healing tests.
3) TestCraft
TestCraft may be a cloud-based continuous test automation solution for testing and monitoring the web application functionality. TestCraft is used to get all the benefits of selenium without any coding (Whenever a check scenario is created the code gets automatically generated).
• TestCraft is nothing however selenium Automation Testing while not coding for web applications.
• One will adapt TestCraft easily into their testing due to its salient features like quick, supporting multi-platform, low-maintenance and DevOps-Friendly.
• If any changes are made to the web apps under testing, TestCraft automated tests are sturdy and adequate repel breakage.
• TestCraft will re-bind and fix a broken test even during runtime. This reduces automation maintenance value.
• TestCraft supports its users to run tests on multiple platforms and environments, at the same time.
• TestCraft follows agile automation testing method by providing careful test reports of execution that include snapshots and videos of problems that are to be fixed.
4) Endtest
Endtest may be a solid and powerful UI testing platform that provides a varied vary of in operation systems, platforms, devices and browsers. Automation testing of web applications is done through Endtest with none coding.
• One will store and run their tests directly on the cloud infrastructure of Endtest. With the assistance of this cloud platform, the users will access their tests from anyplace.
• Endtest is packed with various features like Unlimited Video recordings, generating random check information, execution of java scripts, capturing and comparison screenshots and uploading files.
• Automated tests will be exported in numerous formats like .exe file or python file format and might be wont to run on our own infrastructure.
• Using the activity section the users will simply track the newest changes made to the test suites.
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TIB Academy is the leader in offering the best Selenium Training in Marathahalli to the students. TIB Academy prepares thousands of aspirants at Selenium Training in Bangalore
Contact us: 9513332301