In your daily lives you will need to remember a great deal of things and a great deal of information for lots of purposes including your job and work. Failure to remember information and things, especially those which are important can lead to a great deal of trouble and inconvenience for you and perhaps the people around you as well. This is why you need to try and keep your memory as sharp as you can. Of course forgetfulness becomes common with age, but there are certain brain activities that can prolong your memory power and help you remember things better and for longer periods of time.

We have come up with 10 brain activities that can help you increase your memory power.

1. First of all, you need to focus on your diet and what you are consuming on a daily basis. Healthy food is important to keep yourself and your brain properly nourished and to improve its functions and hence your memory power.

2. Your brain needs rest as well. By resting properly and sleeping for about 8-10 hours will ensure that your mind is well rested. A well rested mind is bound to remember more than a mind that is over worked and tired. So your memory power is boosted with activities such as sleeping.
3. Exercise is also important for your brain functions. By exercising, you improve the circulation of blood to various parts of the body including the brain. A brain that receives oxygenated blood is a healthy brain and is bound to remember more.
4. Some other brain activities that you can use to improve your memory power are to try and learn things and remember them. You can try this with people’s telephone numbers and quotes from books. Start with something small and then gradually increase what you’re learning.

5. Meditate and let your mind relax. A relaxed mind, free from clutter, remembers more.

6. Try and increase your social interaction with people. Meeting new people and learning their names, and having to remember them the next time you meet, is another brain activity to improve the memory power of your brain.

7. Travel! Travelling, visiting new places, learning new things and even experiencing new things will help you remember better rather than reading about places from travel brochures. A hand’s on experience of things is good for improving memory.

8. Playing mind games is also another brain activity that can help to improve your memory. You will have to learn certain strategies and tactics in order to perform better the next time you play, so you end up remembering more and boosting your memory power.

9. Reading is a good brain activity that will boost your memory. By reading something more than once, you stand more of a chance of remembering it for the next time.

10. The last brain activity that can help boost your memory power is to keep your stress in check. Remain calm and try to recall if you forget. Don’t panic and understand that you are simply human, and mistakes are bound to happen. Calmness is the key to remembering things better.

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