Maruti Suzuki's dominance among Indian carmaker continues indeed as the entire assiduity grapples with force chain issues which has negatively hit product and delivery of buses across the country. In December last time, Maruti surfaced as the top carmaker followed by Tata Motors, which stumbled Hyundai Motor from number two spot after several times

Maruti's dominance meant that utmost of the best- dealing buses were from its stable. As numerous as eight models featured in the list of top 10 buses vended in India last month. Still, Tata Nexon's rise on the list has been most conspicuous change.

The cubical hatchback continues to hold the pole position when it comes to deals. Maruti's WagonR in its new generation seems to have plant the instigation despite all the chip extremity issues. Maruti vended units of WagonR last month, over from units vended in December, 2020. The deals have increased compared to former month when Maruti had vendedunits

Maruti's decoration hatchback Swift continues to hold the alternate position in the list. Still, the deals has taken a dip compared to December 2020. Last month, Maruti vended units of Swift, down from units during the same period in former time. The December deals figure is a slight enhancement over November when Maruti vended units of Swift.
Maruti is soon going to drive in the facelift interpretation of the decoration hatchback Baleno. Still, the current model continues to give the carmaker handsome returns in terms of deals. Last month, Maruti vended units of Baleno compared to just units vended in the former month. Still, the time-on- time deals figure for Baleno has taken a megahit. In December 2020, Maruti had vended units of the decoration hatchback.

One of the biggest talking point in the assiduity has been Tata Motor's rise as India's second largest carmaker ahead of Hyundai Motor. A large part of Tata's success last month can be attributed to itssub-compact SUV Nexon. Tata vended units of Nexon in December, the loftiest it ever has. Nexon's deals performance has propelled the SUV to fourth position on the list. Tata vended units of Nexon in November, and just units back in December 2020.

Maruti's three-row MPV Ertiga continues to be a strong pantomime ahead of a possible facelift latterly in the time. Maruti vended units of Ertiga last month, over from units vended during the same month in the former time. It's also a sharp increase compared to November last time when Maruti vended units of Ertiga.

Alto, Maruti's oldest surviving model, has dropped down a many positions in December. With units vended last month, Alto secured the sixth position in the list of top buses vended in India. The trade of Alto has gone down significantly if compared to units Maruti vended in December 2020. It's also lower than units Maruti vended in November last time.
Dzire remains the onlysub-compact hydrofoil to point on the list. Though the deals figure has dropped important compared to former time's numbers, Dzire's performance in its order has been a thing to note. Maruti vended units of Dzire last month, down from units during the same month in the former time.

Hyundai's dip in deals is enough apparent from the list in which the name of its flagship compact SUV Creta has gone missing again. Still, Hyundai's only consolation is to beat Maruti'ssub-compact SUV Brezza as its Venue has jumped a many spots to number 8 on the list. Hyundai vended units of Venue last month, down from units in December 2020.

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