Are you a college student? Are you a teenager who just completed school? Are you looking for business ideas with low investment and high profit? I welcome you here in this article which can end your search of looking for ideas that can give you an opportunity of learning, growing as well as earning. I always wonder about the tradition of going schools for 15 years then get admission to a decent college for 3 or more years for a job which can neither stays for lifetime nor we feel content with the earning amount.

There is no doubt in the fact that students have the luxury of time after school or in college. In fact, I am a student and I can relate to everything about student life. Fortunately, there existed a myth which has lost its complete logic among students. The myth was that you should have a degree to earn and to be successful in life. This has become possible due to the awareness among people and all thanks goes to the social media for this magical change in the mindset of people.

The concept of comparing degree with success is completely illogical. Then what costs in real to be successful?

SKILLS. To earn and to establish your roots for success, you have to learn skills. The only condition for success is that you have to dedicate between six months to a year to learn and hone your skills.

I understand that the hunt of finding a business idea with low investment to start is indeed difficult. Here is a list of top 10 business ideas with low investment or zero investment ideas you can think of and start your success journey. But before that, let me tell you; there is no alternative to hard work and consistency to be successful in life. If you are not ready to put the required efforts then my friend, there is no use to read further.

Page Contents–
1.Top 10 Business Ideas With Low Investment
2.Start Your Own Website Or Blog
3.Affiliate Marketing
5.Youtube Videos
6.Local Tourist Guide
7.Fitness/Yoga Instructor
8.Virtual Assistant
10.Web Developer/ Web Designer
12.Do Not Lack Self-Confidence

Top 10 Business Ideas With Low Investment

I remember when I was in 12th standard, I always used to think that my college will decide my future. If I won’t be able to get a high reputed, decent college I will be left with regrets for whole life. That is how a seventeen-year-old thinks about being successful.
Luckily, I figured out that the things do not work like this. But still I was so confused about the ideas to earn that I wasted a lot of time in figuring out what will be best for me according to my interests. In that course of time, I had researched a lot about the ideas to earn and therefore, here I go with the top 10 business ideas with low investment and high profit for you.

1. Start Your Own Website Or Blog

If you are good at expressing yourself and if you are good at writing, this would be best for you. Setting up your own website requires a little investment to purchase domain and hosting, and it is as easy as to fill up a form. To earn money from a website, you have to be consistent with your content and need to learn skills like SEO, DIGITAL MARKETING and TACTICS TO CREATE ENGAGEMENT in your content for traffic. It is the best source to generate passive income.

Now it is easy to learn these skills online through the Skillzcafe which provides the world-class courses at affordable prices. Learn the tactics of SEO which is a must-have skill if you are a website or blog owner or if you are going to stat one. Buy It and you will have enough knowledge to push yourself into the line.
Read and learn through this amazing article which tells you how to start your blog. Click here for the complete information.

Earning Potential– A blogger in India can earn anything between $100 to $ 10,000 per month. On average, a typical blogger earns around $300 to $400 a month. After gaining experience, then the earning may scale up to $30,000+ per month also.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Who lacks social media presence today? Social media has been becoming a part of our lives. If you want to use social media as a weapon to earn money or perhaps you also have your blog or website, then you can promote companies, products and services online by becoming an affiliate. All you need is to get an affiliate link and if someone buys the products through your link, you will earn and earning amount has no limits. Affiliate Marketing is an excellent business idea for high profit. This takes some time but can definitely be your source of passive income.

Affiliate Marketing is a skill-based earning idea which can be implemented by college students or anyone. Learn What Affiliate marketing is and how to start it in no time.

Earning Potential– Depending upon the different affiliate programs you are associated with, earning potential is unlimited. You can earn from 5 figure income to 7 figure income or even more.

3. Tutoring

Do you enjoy teaching others? Do you want to spread the knowledge you have on a particular topic to others? Well, congratulations. Now it is possible to earn via tutoring online. People are taking online courses to learn new things and the trend of taking classes online has become a new normal. Udemy is a wonderful platform for anyone to create a course online on literally anything and get paid globally. When users take up your course, you will earn. Register yourself at UrbanPro as an online tutor which is the biggest platform to earn via teaching. You can teach offline also at your home or at any other place which is free for you.

Earning Potential– Earning potential is in lakhs or more monthly. It depends on your experience and skills. Selling an online course can provide you with lifetime income.

4. Youtube Videos

YouTube is a grand platform for anyone who wants to share anything with masses. Whatever skill you have, you can make a video about it and upload it so that people watch them and learn. Be it acting, comedy, tutoring, reviewing, cooking, dancing or anything else you think you are good at, it is high time to start a youtube channel. Although, the competition has been increasing on youtube but if you have a proper strategy and quality content, you can have your way to earn through it.
Have a look at this video to see how to start your youtube journey.

Earning Potential– The earning amount through youtube is based on the video quality, views, subscribers, ads, affiliates, and sponsorships. You may not earn anything initially but once you establish your base and implement the strategies, you can earn quite well. Top Youtubers make 3 to 4 lakhs per video. From five to six figures, your earnings can go up with consistency and quality.

5. Local Tourist Guide

If you are living in a city which is full of history and attracts tourists, then become a guide. It is a great opportunity for you to explore and meet new people. You will enhance your communication skills also. The global pandemic COVID-19 has restricted all the movements but you can start when things will get normal. It would be fun and exciting.

Check these sites and register your presence here as a tourist guide- travelpapa and toursbylocals.
Earning Potential– An average tourist guide in India may earn from INA 500 to INA 1000 per day. The more experienced you are, the higher will be your fee.

6. Fitness/Yoga Instructor

In recent times, people are becoming more and more aware about the fitness and yoga. Now a huge number of people want to take a step towards workout and yoga. However, what comes in between is the lack of time to go to a gym daily to exercise. This has increased the scope of online fitness or yoga instructors to give the sessions online. Even celebrities are also hiring fitness experts online. If you have interest in the fitness, muscle building, yoga or meditation, you can definitely reach out to people through your own Facebook page or youtube channel or even a website. Take your next step here.
Register yourself here to find jobs related to fitness trainer. Take action now and start earning through your knowledge of fitness and yoga.

Earning Potential– You can charge anywhere between Rs.1200- Rs. 2000 per session for each personal training session. As your experience and trust in your clients build, you can charge higher and even open your own fitness centre. Say, if you take 10 sessions per week then, you can earn Rs 12,000 to Rs. 20,000 per week.

7. Virtual Assistant

If you have a good internet connection, you can be the virtual assistant of ultra-busy professionals. Your job is to check and answer their emails, update their to-do lists and calendars and so on, with minimal interaction with the professional. It can be a source of decent pocket money for you. Have a look at this article to learn more about the virtual assisting. The jobs of VA are available at many freelancing portals like Freelancer and Upwork.

Earning Potential– VA rates vary according to the required skill set and the country you live in. It can be anywhere between $5 per hour to $50 per hour.

8. Photographer

If your photography skills are good and you know the tactics of clicking pictures, you can learn also, then you are all set to sell your services for functions like wedding, parties etc. You should build a portfolio to showcase your work and should have knowledge about camera. poses and lights. Photography is a demanding skill and you can also take up it as a full-time career. As a beginner, you can take up a camera on rent or you can learn through your mobile also.

There are many freelance work market places by which you can find jobs related to photography like Canvera, Photoshesh or your own photography website. If you have the skill, nothing can stop you to step further and start to earn.

Earning Potential– An average photographer in India can earn Rs. 80,000 to 1 lakh per month. The earning potential increases with enhanced skills and with experience. Photographers charge Rs. 5000 to 12000 for per hour sessions.

9. Web Developer/ Web Designer

If you love coding and you know how computer languages like HTML, CSS and, JAVA works then you can definitely go a level up with your existing skills to become a web developer or web designer. You need to learn technical skills at an advanced level. You can learn through youtube online and through the courses available on Udemy. Read- What is the Difference Between a Web Developer And Web Designer?

Everyone once started as a beginner with zero knowledge. Learning is power and that power is knowledge. Take a look at this certification course at Edureka to master the Web Development which has immense benefits. Learn at home and create a new copy of yourself every day.
Again, the freelance marketplaces are the best sources of jobs for a web developer or web designer. Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, Fiverr are some examples.

10. Content Marketing/ Digital Marketing

There is a huge demand for content marketers in the market. This is the skill that is needed by almost every start-up to increase their organic growth. If you know content marketing or you are willing to learn, you can definitely build your career or a part-time side income in this field. This is the best business idea with low investment and high profit in this digital age.

I recommend you to take up this course which will help you to get expertise in Digital Marketing which include everything from SEO TO SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT. This skill is the hottest skill in the market and by investing in this course, you will reap the benefits of online earning and growing. Having the marketing skills is no less than a boon to your career. Click below and move towards a smart step.

Do Not Lack Self-Confidence

Most people not even start their business due to the lack of self-confidence. The thought of failure dominates their desire to earn money so they never start. Follow your passion. Have confidence on yourself. Enjoy your journey and invest your time smartly. College students have the greatest luxury of time and if you are a college student, it depends on you how you invest your time. I recommend you to must read this article- Tips on How To become self-dependent-Be Aatm Nirbhar.

Do share your journey of business with low investment with me. Also, tell me about your experience with edureka and skillcafe. Sharing with others always inspires beginners to start.

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A teenager who turned out to be a passionate Content Writer. Reading books, grabbing knowledge and writing are some of her passions which are helping her to make fortunes. Content Writer, SEO Expert, Social Media Manager, Tutor, Affiliate Marketer and Entrepreneur are some of the designations she holds. To add glitter to her skills, she is pursuing BJMC, first year. She has two years of experience in learning and more than one year of experience in the work field. Her simple life motto- Learn, Improve, Teach, Enjoy the journey and Achieve every day.