Top 10 different types of goats in India

India is blessed with a number of high quality livestock that is used for the purpose of milk and meat production. Over the last decade BAIF has been instrumental in the field of improvement of artificial insemination of goats in India. BAIF has been able to bring the technology to the doorstep of farmers - allowing them to improve the quality of breeding and the efficiency of farms.

In India there are 34 well-defined breeds of goats. India has a rich germplasm resource for the production of goats for the purpose of farming. Buck Semen production for the breeding of goats was introduced by BAIF in the year 2018. Using the latest technology, BAIF has been able to improve the efficiency and outcome of medium, large and small farming practices. For the purpose of goat farming, BAIF has a semen production and sorting unit in Wagholi, located in Pune.

The advantages of Goat Farming
Goat farming in India has been practiced for thousands of years. There are numerous advantages that are associated with goat farming in India. Let us take a look at some of these advantages that benefit farmers and the country. You can find the Indian goat breeds and price online.

Goat meat is widely consumed across India. There are no religious sentiments that are associated with the consumption of goat meat.
Goat farming is comparatively more financially affordable as compared to cattle farming.
Goat rearing can be started with a single goat, and the farm can grow as more goats are born in the later stages.
Goats mature fast and early. This benefits farmers who want a produce that can be developed quickly.

Goat farms have low income costs. The fodder resources for goat farming is limited as compared to cattle.
Goat milk is high in the quality of nutrients. Goats can be used for the production of milk as well as meat.
Goat farming requires less space and minimum resources.
BAIF produces and supplies goat semen for sale in India.

Top 10 types of goats in India

The top 10 different types of goat in India are as follows:

Jamunapari is mainly found in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is the largest goat breeds of long legged goats in India. The female weighs approximately 55 Kgs, while the male weighs approximately 60 Kgs. They can produce up to 2.5 Kgs of milk a day.

This breed of goat is mainly found in the state of Punjab. This is one of the best goat breeds. The color of this breed is predominantly brown or brown with white spots. The weight of female goats range from 45 to 50 Kgs. The weight of male goats range from 50 to 70 Kgs.

This breed of goat is popular in the states of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.They can produce up to 1.5 Kgs of milk a day. This breed of goat is a prolific breed and kid twice in 12 to 15 months. They are a small sized breed and females weigh approx 35 Kgs while males weigh 35 to 45 Kgs.

The tellicherry breed of goat is also known as the malabari breed. They originate and are mostly found in the state of kerala. They can produce up to 2 Kgs of milk per day Females weight range from 30 to 40 Kgs and males weight range from 40 to 50 Kgs.

Sirohi is a breed of goat with a compact and medium sized body. Females weigh approximately 25 Kgs and males weigh around 50 Kg. The goats are satisfactory breeders and feed once a year. Twins are common in this breed of goats.

Osmanabadi is a breed of goat that is prized for its meat production. They are good yielders of milk and produce approximately 3.5 Kgs a day. These goats kid once a year.

Kanni Aadu
This breed of goat is popular in the state of Tamil Nadu. These goats are preferred to be reared for the purpose of meat production. Adult females weigh 25 to 30 Kgs. Adult males weight range between 35 to 45 Kgs.

Kodi Addu
Kodi Addu is a breed of goat that is found to have a vibrant variety of colours. They usually give birth to only one or two kids. This breed of goat is prolific for the purpose of guiding the goat flock as they go grazing. This breed is commonly found in Tamil Nadu.

Black Bengal
This is a small breed of goat that originates from the region of bengal. Males weigh from 15 to 20 Kgs and females weigh approximately 12 Kgs, The skin of this goat is in demand for the production of leather for shoe making. They are prolific breeders and two to four kids are born at a time.

This breed of goat is used as a pack animal and is primarily used for the carrying of small loads. These goats kid once a year and they produce only one offspring at a time. Males weigh approximately 39 Kgs and females weigh approximately 26 Kgs.

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