“Why no dp today Jay?” asked a friend, Jay replied “Nothing special.!” but the truth was he was upset & was feeling down, many times he feels like being on the top of the world and sometimes down..!
Studies reveal that one in every five people feels the same as Jay. Nowadays mental disorders are on the peak.
These ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ have become very common among adults who age between 18 to 29.

New research presented at the European college of Neuropsychomacology held in Barcelona, Spain suggested that weight and dietary habits may influence how effective treatments for bipolar disorder actually are.

What is a bipolar disorder?
Bipolar disorder is a condition in which people experience extreme shifts in moods and fluctuations in energy or activity levels that can create problems in their day-to-day life. This state of mind becomes severe and if untreated can destroy relationships, can have a negative impact on academic performance and career, all these lead to suicides.

An estimated 2.9 percent of Americans have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, and 83 percent of cases are classed as severe. It can be at any age and this mental illness is affecting males and females equally.

Causes of mood disorders?
A mood disorder is a rapid change in mood and it can be caused by a wide variety of factors, from diet to PMS. More often it can be disruptive and frustrating, there are various causes of a mood swing-biological, psychological, social or cultural factors. For example genetics, hormonal imbalance, stress, anxiety, poor eating habits (deficiencies vitamins-minerals), fatigue or lack of sleep, low esteem, drugs, feeling of isolation, an adaption of a new lifestyle, negative atmosphere, problems in relationships and disability (physical or mental).

What are the simple ways to live mentally fit and boost up your mood instantly?
In today’s hectic schedule, people are playing hide & seek with their health, ignoring the health of mind consciously or unconsciously. Lack of happiness and positivity makes you dull and no energy is left to chase joy, it’s just moving with time. But it is very important to lift up your spirits higher, add more energy to fulfill your dreams, so for this you need mood boosters.
You don’t have to look the whole staircase, just take the FIRST STEP. If you want to have a healthy mind; try natural mood boosters:

Relax your body
Give yourself a few minutes to relax your body. Take a shower with warm water after good massage – stiffness of muscles in your back, neck, and shoulders, that gives a great boost to enhance your activity & to feel relaxed.

Make a call or meet someone who enhances your positive mood
Few minutes conversation for sure makes you feel more energetic and makes a positive impact on your mood. You will be able to enjoy life and discard feeling of loneliness.

Do breathing exercises regularly
Breath and hold the breath for a few seconds, do it (inhale and exhale) for only five minutes and continue this exercise during the day, after this, you will feel relaxed and stress-free.

Sniff a Lemon
This is not a joke, according to Japanese scientists the linalool in lemons can inhibit inappropriate activation of the body’s “flight or fight” response. Hence scent of lemon is connected to emotional state, lemon gives an uplift sense. Like lemons, lavender and basil also do the same work, the smell of these can reduce stress levels. These scents are mood boosters and can help in making positivity around you.

Listen To Brainwave Audios
In a comfortable position or may be in meditation, you can try these audios (specially designed with set frequencies) gives relief from stress and anxiety.

It doesn’t matter that you are a skilled dancer or not, tap your feet with music for some time, just enjoy dance because this activity makes you happy due to the release of endorphins and neurotransmitters.

Start to see old photographs
Memories are precious and have immense power to grab a person for minutes to hours or for the whole day. While you’re looking at the old albums, this activity brings smile and tears also. But this engagement gives a sense of happiness by taking you away from stress and fills you with contentment.

Look at the mirror and smile
‘A smile is the best makeup for everyone’ and it’s free therapy. Smiling has a positive impact on your brain, body and makes you more attractive. According to studies, smiling causes an influx of positive emotions that help in relieving stress and lowering your blood pressure. Each time you smile, your health and happiness improve.

Be positive
Try to say mood-lifting words on a regular basis, like ‘I am very happy and I love myself’. Express your emotions on paper or share with your loved – ones, don’t hold any emotion in your heart.

Take vitamin D
Go outside to have some sunlight because it will make you feel good. The sun exposure can help regulate or boost your mood.

Spend Quality Time
Play with children or with your pets, spend good quality time with your family and friends. This brings out love hormone -oxytocin that builds a feeling of safety and gives you a mental -peace.

Live, laugh and be grateful…ALWAYS.https://blog.neuherbs.com/health/top-10-easy-ways-to-boost-your-mood-when-youre-feeling-down/

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