Although Spring is quickly approaching, it is still not too late to set goals or follow through on goals you set for your business in 2011. I have often found goal setting to be exciting, but sometimes it's difficult to know where to start without a format or system to follow. So here are some things to keep in mind when embarking on the vast subject of goal setting. In order to make 2011 the best year yet, it's going to take a paradigm shift in your thinking, a strong belief in yourself, and the right actions. This particular is very in depth and may take you 3 to 4 hours to complete. So, allow the necessary time in your schedule.

Let's talk about belief first. Why do you think we have such difficulty following through with our goals. Think about the New Year's Resolution's you set for yourself in the past. Did you follow through on all of them? You probably did not or you wouldn't be reading this article. Generally, the reasons why we don't follow through on the goals we set for ourselves is directly related to our beliefs. Whatever beliefs we held in the past that didn't work for us has to change or we will continue to make the same mistake. So, it's important for us to be open to a new way of thinking and becoming. Thereby, we can become a person of success.

Now let's dive right in and look at these steps and questions we need to ponder in order to meet our goals.

1) What did I accomplish last year? Think about the big and little things. You may have fell short in some areas. It's okay. At this point, it's important to allow yourself to acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments.

2) What were my biggest disappointments? Don't compare these lists! It has nothing to do with you as a person. Don't too critical with yourselves. Remember, that this whole process is to spur on growth. Be grateful for your disappointments because you can learn from them. Also be grateful because now you know that your shortcomings were causing you to stumble and now you will understand a better way. Acknowledge, celebrate, and let go. Don't be too comfortable in your hurt.

3) What did I learn? Truly ponder this question as you think about all of your accomplishments and disappointments over the last year. Why or why were you not successful? How were you able to accomplish what you wanted? Be honest with yourself. Write all the lessons you can think of down. Which lessons impacted you the most? Pick the top 3 and use them as guidelines to help you be successful this year.

4) How did I limit limit myself last year and how can I stop? Take responsibility for your actions. It's not about blame, shame, or guilt. Remember this is to help you grow. What did it cost me to live this way and what benefits did I get from it? For example, if I limited myself in the area of low self esteem, the benefit may have been that you were able to be right when a prospect for your business decided not to make a purchase.

a) If you knew how, would you stop limiting yourself?

b) In what areas of my life am I not achieving what I want?

c)What do I say to myself to explain these failures?

These explanations are called limiting beliefs. Discover your limiting paradigm and what's holding them in place. Create a new paradigm and learn the art of transformation. We can't change everything so focus on the top three you want to change. For example, an old paradigm would be, I want more money in my life, but I don't believe I'm worth more. A new paradigm would be, I want more money in my life and I will position myself in my business to attract prospects that I can help to fulfill their financial dreams and thereby fulfilling my own.

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