The first were just a warm up! If you have already began to put them into to practice then the hold on tight, because we are about to wrap up a goal setting memorandum that will put your feet back on solid ground. So sit back and indulge yourself in the ultimate finale that will show you how to turn a falied new years resolution into a life changing experience!

5) What are my personal values? Examples may be happiness, compassion, taking care of myself, etc.
Clarify them and expand them.

6) What roles do I play in my life? Be descriptive, this helps to provide direction for when we get to goal setting. Who am I accountable to? What am I responsible for? You do not want more than 8 roles. What do these roles encompass? Think about how they will change this year. Think about how you would like to improve.

7) Which role is most important? When choosing your most important role, think about what is going to be your major focus and what you need to improve in the most.

8) What are my goals for each role? Our personal values drives our success. We are going to use the SMART goal model to set our goals and attach them to our personal values that we discovered in step 5.
The SMART goal model is below. Each goal that you make in should fit into the following model. Limit your goals to 10.

Each goal should be S.M.A.R.T.:
Attainable- reach high, don't sell yourself short
Risky- This goal should be a stretch for you. If you don't change, you won't reach it.
Time frame- Set a time frame for each goal

Create 1 goal for each role and have1 goal to be for fun.

9) Review questions 1-7 and begin to prioritize. Now take a blank sheet of paper to create a master plan for the year. Across the very top of the sheet of paper write your 3 guidelines from questions 3, your new paradigms from question 4, your major focus from question 7, and your top 10 goals from question 8.

10) Set up a plan to reach your goals. Make you goals visible. Put up your 1 page master plan around your house, in your car, and on your person, like in a wallet or purse. You are going to create milestones for three times of the year.

Follow the system! When put into place it can be an anchor that keeps you grounded in yourself, and does not allow you to waver in your focus! Finally, each month create a goal for that month for each of your top 10 yearly goals. Every week look at the monthly goals and create a weekly goal. Review your roles. Be disciplined. With hard work and dedicated focus you will show not only yourself, but you will show the world what one motivated individual can do when they remain focused and secure!

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