It is interesting that most people think that bankers and actors are the professionals with the fattest paychecks in a month. Actually, going by recent studies, among the world’s best paid professionals are those working in the medical department. Media often go fussing about famous athletes and actors making God knows what amount of millions annually, but truth is that to take home a six figure salary these personalities have to be exceptionally striking in their specialties. You know them and you know they are numbered.

On average, you will find that most actors are troubled by just paying their rent, and that average to modest athletes rake in about what a school teacher does at best. Well, what are the best rewarding paying jobs of the moment? This article highlights the top 10 highest paying jobs according to the latest study. Read on.

10. Natural Sciences Manager

The job of a natural science manager is supervising the work of a consortium of other scientists like biologists, chemists, or geologists undertaking a particular project. Taking home approximately $97,000 annually, these professionals are generally tasked with consulting organizations on environmental matters while the best paid natural sciences managers are found in the pharmaceutical industry. You have to undertake 6-year training, with a bachelors degree being significant to start with, in order to qualify as a natural science manager.

9. Computer and Information Systems Manager

In the current world of information, majority programmers begin as data analysts, moving up the ladder as they continue to amass increasing conceptual knowledge. An apt computer and information systems manager is tasked with determining a company’s strategy in respect to information technology and systems layouts. With a good of IT security, a company saves a lot of money. These professionals get away with up to $100,000 per annum for helping their employers’ companies keep in line with the ever changing software world. The salary is a good reward to the hard work they go through before and after getting the job.

8. Marketing Manager

A marketing manager coordinates a firm’s marketing efforts while assessing its potential income growth. With about $100,000 a year, they handle their company’s public relations, media buying and brand development, and promotion developments, doing it with ultimate professionalism and shrewdness for their employers’ sales and income depend on it. You will be required to go through 5 to 6 years training, and knowing your company’s future relies on how well you understand your target market you have to be remarkably outstanding to outsmart your competition. Responsibilities may slightly vary for different firms, but generally one should temperately handle pressure while manifesting great communication skills.

7. Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers diligently oversee the secure operation of aircrafts at airports. They coordinate safe movement of the air traffic in and out of the port, at safe distance from each other always to avoid accidents. Most of the professionals work in groups, communicating with pilots to convey vital weather and other related issues. An air controller can earn up to $105,000. It is a very painstaking task with no rooms for mistakes, and you will need up to 9 years training to be entrusted with airborne crafts carrying people’s lives.

6. Lawyer

The legal system is undeniably a sizeable part of our societies, meaning that never will there be shortage of lawyers whenever an attorney’s service is needed. Contrary to what most movies portray, a lawyer’s job is not generic since different lawyers have their specializations—family law, environmental law, real estate, intellectual property, civil law, plus others. Lawyers’ incomes actually differ with individuals, but the highest paid taking home about $110,000 per year, or even more depending on their clients and the profile of the legal suits handled. You will require going through 7 years of thorough reading and training, which is worth the nature of the profession.

5. Dentist

Dentists, like lawyers, specialize on various sub-fields like oral surgery, orthodontics, pediatric, etc. Most in the profession opt to be general practitioners because of the job’s lucrative nature, with some in the dental field specializing on particular matters on dental care. To get a certificate of practice from government dental practitioners’, you need to undertake about 8-year training. It you venture in to the private sector, more certifications are needed. A good reputed dentist will go home with a monthly rate of $133,000 per annum.

4. Airline Pilot

Like most other professionals highlighted herein, pilots specialize according to the model of aircraft they wish to fly, generally requiring a lot of practice and experience to finally get the certification. A pilot might be qualified to test aircrafts, monitor traffic, work as an aviation director, crop dust, as well as pilot cargo planes. The demanding responsibility with this job justifies the $135,000 some pilots earn per year. Flying commercial planes is particularly demanding for pilots on duty and the crew. To become pilot, you must get a 10-year very detailed training since flying that craft is not like driving a car. Anyone should expect the guys flying a plane from the ground to above the clouds for thousands of miles and the back on earth to be doing one of the top 10 highest paying jobs anytime.

3. Engineering Manager

As an engineering manager you are responsible for research, coordination, planning, and production activities. Mostly you are tasked with supervising two other experts on this list—natural sciences managers and information systems managers. You should determine the scientific and technical goals of a particular project and look after and at the financial implication of that project. They are among the most integral personnel in an industry, taking home up to $140,000 annually. You get to train for over 6 years to qualify for the job.

2. Chief Executive Officer

Aka CEOs, these are the usually the best highest paid officials in a company or company. Their job is to direct the daily operations in a company, and also oversee the overall operational efficacy of their firm’s workforce. They report progress to the BOD (Board of Directors) as well as explain company’s work ethics, although in smaller firms, they may represent the entire BOD. Getting $140,000 or more a year, CEOs are among the highest earning professionals in the world. Training to be CEO varies in respect to different industries. For example, a worker who shows a greater aptitude about their job’s progress above others can get promotion to be the CEO.

1. Surgeon

Although most professions in medicine pay well, a surgeon is ever required to work under greater care, making the profession better rewarded for those who can afford the concentration. Among top surgeons are those specialized in brain or heart surgery. A good reputed surgeon will earn up to $180,000 or more a year, and the nature of that life-saving job justifies the pay. However, note that the granular skill one needs to have to be allowed to perform such high risk operations on human body demands nearly 15-year medical training since the human anatomy is so intricate it cannot be completely mastered in a just few years. You need to be thoroughly read and done lab practice, then gradually advance by handling smaller risk cases to higher risk cases, until you get fully baked for the job. Of course no one wishes to ever get on the operation theater, but if they do, as it is the case from time to time, they would like to be sliced to by the most qualified and trusted professionals.

There are, of course, other kinds of jobs that may also look like they are lucrative. However, you also need to consider consistency in what a certain job puts into the pocket of its practitioner. That way, the above top 10 highest paying jobs make the list of the best of the best rewarding professions.

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