The worst nightmare for a man is seeing his hair fall, which means that he is getting old. But this is not true, even young people have lost their hair at a very young age, because of their changed lifestyle, lack of nutritious food, tension, and hectic schedule makes the baldness inevitable. It has become usual in men, but a little % of ladies do suffer from these embarrassing moments. When these happen in excess, it is trouble. A man's personality depends on his looks and looks don't seem to be impressive if you are bald. You seem to lose the self-confidence if you lose your hair.

But here is a good news to protect hair loss. If you pay a little attention to your diet, you can save your locks. Certain foods are available that can help re-grow your hair. Let's pay a look at some of them.

1. Use Coconut Oil: -

It has the protein and fats that keep the scalp hydrated and rejuvenated. It helps the follicles to get strength, which stimulates the hair growth. Coconut oil has lots of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects that shield the scalp and saves the hair from damage by inhibiting the oxidative damage and inflammation. You need to have a medium sized coconut that should be soaked in water, which already is simmering for 5 minutes. Cool it down, strain,  add 1 spoon of crushed black pepper and fenugreek seeds to it. Now rub it vigorously on your scalp and hair. After doing that, wait for 20 minutes and wash your hair with a nice herbal shampoo such as Go Richh shampoo.  See your hair becoming stronger and new ones mushrooming.

2. Yogurt, Lemon and Honey: -

Yogurt is regarded as a natural conditioner for hair. It has lots of proteins and vitamin B5, which the hair needs to grow. They just don't get the strength, but it enhances the hair growth. Its antibacterial features protect the hair against any damage. Get 1 spoon of honey, 1 lemon and 2 spoons of yogurt. Mix yogurt with honey in a bowl and squeeze the lemon into this mixture and stir strongly until it turns into a paste. Get a hairbrush and with its help, apply this paste to your scalp and hair. Wait for half an hour and then rinse your head with lukewarm water. Do it at least once a week, if you have dry hair, twice a week will be beneficial.

3. Green Tea: -

Green tea has plenty of plus points. Many people drink several cups of green tea these days to enhance their personalities. It makes the hair re-grow as it boosts the metabolism of the body. This procedure should be done after you have shampooed and conditioned your hair. Get 2 tea bags and 2 cups of hot water. Dip these tea bags in water and let them remain immersed for 15 minutes and let the water simmer. Strain the tea bags and let the water cool down. The hair should be rinsed in this tea. Massage your scalp with it. Do it twice a week and the result will be visible after a few months.

4. Aloe Vera cures Baldness: -

Aloe Vera is an excellent remedy to prevent hair loss, instead, it boosts their growth. It also prevents the scalp from getting flake or itchy. It can be used in the raw form and you can also use some herbal aloe vera products.  Take a stalk of Aloe Vera to crush the pulp to extract juice. Apply it on your scalp and hair and then wait for 45 minutes. It will help the dryness perish and it will manage your pH levels. Rinse your hair with plain water. Do it 3 to 4 times a week to get more benefits.

5. Fenugreek (Methi in Hindi) Seeds: -

It has proven to be a tonic for hair, which prevents the hair fall in an amazing manner. Take some Fenugreek seeds and soak them in plain water. Let them stay overnight and crush them in the morning and make a paste. Apply this paste to your scalp and wait for 30 minutes. Cover your head with something, which doesn't make moisture dry down. Rinse with plain water after 30 to 40 minutes. Don't use a shampoo or either use herbal shampoo and do it twice a week. It will show results within a few months.

6. Onion Juice: -

Onion is helpful in regenerating the hair, when mixed with honey it can grow hair even on spotless pitches. Get 1 spoon of honey, a medium sized onion and a cotton piece. Grind the onion, add honey and stir well. Take the cotton and rub it on your scalp and then wait for another 30 minutes, wash your hair and scalp with shampoo. 2 times a week is enough. Beware, wash off completely well or you will be emitting a nasty onion smell, which is noxious to many.

7. Amla: -

Amla or Indian Gooseberry, has proved its quality that it is a remedy for dozens of ailments due to its ingredients, it lacks vitamin C, thus it strengthens the hair follicles and their growth is inevitable. It suppresses the premature graying, keeps the scalp healthy and enhances the new growth. Mix a lemon juice to Amla powder to make a paste, massage your scalp and don't let this paste dry down. Rinse after an hour, the shine of hair will let you know everything about their health.

8. Eggs: -

It is a well known fact that the hair has 68% of the keratin protein and eggs help in growing hair. It also has vitamin B known as biotin, which encourages hair growth.

9. Chicken or Turkey: -

Lean meats, which can be found in chicken or turkey have plenty of high quality proteins that never let the hair get weak, thus forbidding the breakage.

10. Stress: -

Tension can play havoc with your hair loss, if you ate in anxiety, you tend to look older and lose hair. Yoga and meditation can help you relax and make you come out of stress, with a smile on your face.
So you have to follow these diets if you wish to look smarter and youthful, without losing your hair.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Vikram Chauhan is an expert Ayurveda consultant for various Ayurvedic institutes in Europe, India, and Asia. He is running an Ayurvedic healing center in Chandigarh, India and experienced doctor in Ayurvedic medicine.