An IT channel distributor is a business that acts as an intermediary between vendors and value-added resellers (VARs) or system integrators (SIs) in the distribution of software or hardware.

Also called "disties," distributors handle procurement and pay among VARs and sellers and are generally the only way by which a seller will disperse its products to the channel. A distributor's customer base comprises resellers and SIs, which are often referred to as its channel.

The distribution channel, or marketing channel, consists of the chain of intermediaries involved in getting a product from the producer to the consumer.

Distributors are a typical mediator among sellers and end clients, which is frequently: vendor to distributor, wholesaler to affiliate or SI, reseller or SI to end client.

Distributors are often used by sellers that don't have the way to work out a channel program without anyone else.

Despite the fact that they can assume a little part - for example, dealing with just installment and obtainment - they habitually adopt a more proactive strategy by educating resellers about new products from the sellers.

This can include presales training, street shows, and demos for resellers hung for the benefit of sellers. Distributors also provide services around the procurement process, for example, contract arrangement, advertising for resellers and SIs, and warranties. Increasingly, distributors also host network activities focused (NOCs).

This article has all you need to know about the top 10 IT hardware and software distributors in the USA and Canada.

Ingram Micro

Based out of Irvine, California, U.S., Ingram Micro is a global distributor of IT products and services . Platinum Equity announced in December 2020 that it intended to acquire Ingram Micro with an equity value of approximately $7.2 billion.The deal intends to be successful by the 2nd quarter of 2021.

Tech Data

Tech Data specializes in IT products and services. It is a worldwide distribution company. Tech Data provides a comprehensive variety of product lines, value-added services, and logistics abilities that allow tech manufacturers like Cisco, Google, Dell, IBM, Microsoft, and many more to deploy IT solutions.


Founded by Robert T. Huang in 1980, Synnex Corporation is an MNC that provides B2B IT services. It is based in Fremont, California. It offers services to original equipment manufacturers (OEM), software publishers, and reseller customers.

D&H Distributing

D&H Distributing is the leading nationwide distributor to the IT and electronics supply channels. The IT products include server, networking solutions, consumer electronics, home networking, and recreation products with a focus on selling to SMB technology customers. The products, in the US and Canada, are distributed via six locations.

Elco Systems Inc

Elco Systems Inc (initially ELCO Systems in 1992) provides customers with high-quality products at competitive prices, backed up by top-notch support services.Wholesale distribution of computers and their equipment and software solutions come within the company’s major line of business.

Eprom Inc

Eprom Inc. is a worldwide distributor of computer hardware products. To make business processes productive and efficient, they bring with them the required experience and technical knowledge. But, at the same time, they even eye for the bottom line. They source the latest technologies and innovations from the leading computer industry manufacturers worldwide.


Daiwa Distribution Inc was founded in 1991 and has gained its reputation as one of the leading niche suppliers of computer components. Daiwa, as it was known before expanded its business from distribution to retail. The wholesale distribution of computers and their equipment are within the company’s line of business.

Computer Plug

Computer Plug is a known name when spoken about leading suppliers of cable and computer accessories. It was established in 1989. With offices in the U.S and Canada, they pride themselves on the experienced salesforce which possesses extensive product knowledge and provides world-class service. It commits to provide the best quality and latest technology at competitive prices.

Dexxon Digital Storage, Inc

Committed to delivering the best quality products, Digital Storage has been the leading distributor of computer media and office technology products. It provides unmatched customer service to all of its customers. It maintains connections with the most notable names in the storage industry. Its services are designed to complement their product lines.

Black Box

Black Box has been in the position to be the leading provider of IT solutions for more than forty years. They continue to design and manufacture award-winning products
for Pro AV and KM. Their solutions are used every day in the government, commercial, education, and other organizations that require top-notch performance and quality from their IT infrastructure.

These are the top 10 IT hardware and software distributors in the USA and Canada.If you want to sell IT hardware online, building an eCommerce store would suffice. And if you want to drive in more sales in your business, do not forget to connect with these IT hardware and software distributors in the USA and Canada.

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