Christmas is a magical time of the year that brings along comfort, joy and a bundle of sweet old memories. In most parts of the world, this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm, pomp and show. Be it the bright big star at the tip of the Christmas tree, the tummy-filling smell of the fruit cake or the Ho Ho Ho of the Santa Claus every little thing brings up the spirit of this special occasion.

It is one of the best times you get to spend with your family. The best part of Christmas is its decoration. Even the slightest alteration in the decorative idea can make a big difference. This is the biggest reason why Christmas decorations play an important role in every house in this season.

As per the experts, if you start with the decorations for Christmas early it can make you a lot happier. So, the next time, don’t forget to pull down the garlands and the gigantic Santa Clause down from the attic a little soon. Decorations basically act as a pathway that would lead you to the old childhood magical emotions and excitement. Such Christmas decorations help them to reconnect with the childhood days & You can also consider sharing Best Christmas Status.

During Christmas, many people prefer to decorate with real Christmas trees like pine, oak and fir, but in most cases, people go for artificial trees that are made of paper or wood. You can choose these artificial trees as per the size of your room and layout. The best thing about these Christmas trees is decorating them. Getting New Rotating Christmas Tree Stand proves to be really convenient in decorating the Christmas trees. There are a variety of items available in the market like shimmering ornaments, small stockings, small gift boxes, umbrella candy bars, danglers, stars, small fairies, Santas that you can choose to give your Christmas tree that ultimate look.

Items that you can use to decorate your home and reasons to use them

1) The Christmas tree – The tradition of decorating with Christmas trees is said to be originated from the Germans. It was the ancient fir tree that was used for this purpose across the world. Be it actual or artificial plastic-leave trees, nowadays you will come across a wide variety of Christmas trees to help you embellish your house on Christmas Eve. Decorating a Christmas tree at home is known to mark the birth of Jesus Christ, the beginning of celebrations and to welcome the New Year.

2) The star – The star used to decorate the tip of the Christmas tree symbolizes the star of Bethlehem that guided the three men to the stable where Jesus was born. At times you can also replace this star with a wreath or a statue of Jesus Christ himself.

3) Wreath – As per the theories, a wreath represents the crown of thorns that Jesus Christ was made to wear on his head while being crucified. Wreaths are also known to be worn by many of the Greek and Roman kings. A wreath is basically an assortment of leaves, flowers and even fruits. In today’s modern world a wreath is known to represent the eternal happiness and love of God.

You can also use these wreaths indoors to decorate the walls of the rooms or even the windows. They look excellent together with Christmas trees and helps to light up the festival spirit.

4) Bells – These Christmas bells are available in various shapes and colors. It is believed that these bells symbolize the bells that are used by shepherds to bring back their sheep home. In most cases, you will find along with the tiny bells that are hung on the Christmas tree, huge bells are hung at the entrance.

5) Lights – Lights actually are known to represent the stars in the sky. But you will find in most of the European countries, people light candles to represent the stars and celebration of Christmas. The brightness lit by the series of lights helps to bring out the festive spirit in you. You can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes and patterns.

Considering the environmental aspect today, you can go for Solar Rope Lights that come in different colors like red, white, blue, green, yellow, etc. These LED lights get fully charged with 6 to 8 hours of daylight and when the dusk sets in, they provide light up to almost 8 hours.

These Solar Rope Lights have gained wide popularity as they use around 90% less energy, do not emit any heat, have a life of 30,000 to 50,000 hours and do not contain any toxic chemicals.

6) Tinsel – This particular word has been derived from an old French word ‘Estincele’, meaning sparkle. This item is now used as a piece of decoration not only during Christmas but many other celebrations. Tinsel is represented in the form of ice shavings, traditionally which were made of real silver shredding. Today, you will find them in a variety of colors to beautify the Christmas tree.

7) Candy canes – A candy cane is known to represent the shape of the shepherd’s stick used for guiding the sheep. A candy stick is colored in red and white where red signifies the blood of Jesus while white signifies life after salvation for Christians. Apart from being a decorative item, these are also highly popular amongst the children for their delectable taste.

8) Mistletoe – The tradition of hanging mistletoe in the house dates back to the times of the Druids, who were the members of the priestly class in Ireland, Britain and Gaul and few other parts of Celtic Western Europe. The meaning of the term Mistletoe in the Celtic language is “all-heal”. It was known to possess mystical healing powers, ward of the evil spirits and attract good luck into the household.

9) Santa and stockings – Christmas remains incomplete without Santa and stockings. People usually hang colorful stockings beside the chimney area which is considered as entrance path of Santa. It is believed that Santa comes through the chimney and leaves the gift inside the stockings in every house during Christmas. Decorating with stockings not only helps you stick to the conventional belief but also completes the festive look.

10) Gifts and presents – None of the festivals is complete without gifts, so, is Christmas. Exchanging gifts with your near and dear ones is an important part of this festival. Every kid is seen to eagerly wait for the gift Santa would bring. You can also leave the gifts wrapped in colorful gift-wraps below the Christmas tree for your family members as a surprise for the 25th December, morning.

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