So I said to myself, I want to create something with such paramount value that people love me, my wife and my company. Here it is:

How many people in the world do you think are just 'content' in their lives? Most people, for lack of statistics, are NOT happy in their lives. They take pills for anxiety, depression, they overeat, they buy SELF HELP books and don't even open them because they are that far gone!!! Can you believe that? Better question, did I just describe you?

Let me say, please do not buy the PSAW, the Polphia Self Awareness Workbook, if you are not ready for results.

Anyway, I wanted to compile a list of competencies, attributes, qualities, whatever you want to call them that provide results. I can imagine that you are reading this post because you want information on the keys to self help success, right?

The information that I am going to give you is EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO MAKE THIS LASTING CHANGE NOW!

1. Self Awareness - So many people do things daily that sabotage not only their relationships but also their bodies, the mental capacity, their lives in general. They are also wasting their time which is an asset that we all share the same amount of. It does not matter if you sleep live in a tent or a penthouse in Manhattan, we all share the same amount of time. So PLEASE stop wasting it!

2. Focus - This piggybacks self awareness and goes much further down the rabbit hole. What have you focused on today? Have YOU been positive all day? It has been proven that negative thoughts attract negative patterns and through quantum mechanics, we know that thoughts have actual weight and existence. You realize that EVERYTHING is made of ENERGY right? So if EVERYTHING is made of ENERGY and quantum theory posits the like molecules attract the like then YOUR NEGATIVE THOUGHTS ARE KEEPING YOU DOWN! Let's look at it from a different perspective though. At home, we have a Vision Wall which is where our goals are, where are desires, our outcomes, our plans are so that we can keep them in mind all the time. If I am constantly thinking about something, then every opportunity that arises to get me closer to that something, I am able to capitalize on, right?

3. Support System - I hope you are still with me! GET RID OF ANYONE OR ANYTHING THAT IS UNSUPPORTIVE OF YOUR DREAMS. Period. that's it! Life is too short and the world is TOO BIG to be held down any longer! When YOU get your SPOUSE on board, YOU will have the GREATEST MASTERMIND EVER CREATED! You are unstoppable with the support of the one you love! Sit down, have a real conversation and get your spouse on board; you will be so powerful with this tool!

4. Confidence - You don't have to be confident in the how just yet, you have to be confident in yourself! You WILL face TEMPORARY defeat in pursuit of SUCCESS! I guarantee it! You have to be confident in your own ability to complete, to succeed, to win. With This unwavering confidence you will stand taller and make the right decisions faster.

5. Decision Making - The greatest entrepreneurs of all time have all had the ability to look at the facts, consider their resources and make a prompt decision on a situation. Napoleon Hill states that the wealthiest of men make decisions promptly and change them slowly while the poor are indecisive if ever coming to a conclusion. By making prompt decisions, you become the leader of the pack while Mr. Indecisive is always coming up the rear.

6. Imagination - There would be no lights, no cars, no department stores, no Mickey D's (maybe a good thing, lol) or anything else without the great imaginations of the pasts GREATEST entrepreneurs! You should be taking time everyday to imagine your success, make it real in your mind, and it will become real in the world. Your imagination is one of your greatest gifts and is completely unique to you! Use it, OFTEN!

7. Try - This should be highlighted. How many times have you said you wanted to do something and didn't? Go ahead, answer, I will wait. Do something right now toward achieving the success you want. Right this second. If you say later, you will always say later, do something right now. Another thing about trying. The TIMING IS NEVER RIGHT. Also, just TRY, instead of figuring out REASONS WHY NOT TO TRY! Write something right now! Do something! Do something amazing! BE PROUD FOR ONCE, come on!

8. Fortitude - The last three I call The F.I.T. Acronym and have been using them for years. Take a look at our online library for scholarly articles I have written on the F.I.T Acronym! Do You know what FORTITUDE is? Fortitude is not just persistence, fortitude is persistence on steroids mixed in with imagination, love, and a couple other motivators. The mother that saves the baby by lifting a car has fortitude! Edison who fails 10,000 times before getting the light bulb right has fortitude. When you believe in yourself against the odds, and keep moving forward, YOU have fortitude.

9. Integrity - Ripping people off will only get you very short term success. If you are trying to get ahead by taking advantage of people, please quit reading and leave this page. We believe firmly in abundance over scarcity. There is too much money in the world to fight over a small bit. The people who cheat and dig their hands in the little pot and hold on for dear life will starve when the pot is empty. The rest of us will be eating from the buffet in the other room. Have integrity, work from the mentality of their being plenty for all that want it. An old adage goes, don't trip over a dollar to pick up a penny.

10. Temperance - Use your emotions appropriately. Anger does not make you more productive. Transmute that energy into productivity. If you are going to get mad, get mad at yourself for getting into the situation that you are angry about. Learn from it. Do not lose control of your emotions.

Well, that's it! The top 10 keys to success in self help! How did you like it? I can guarantee that information will help the few individuals that will implement it. Are you one of the implementers? Have you TRIED something yet?


Joey Poltor of the Polphia Group

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