Hello, welcome to Maruthi Interiors one of the best Interior Designers in Hyderabad. Kitchen design is all about comfort, style and adding your personalized touch to the kitchen. We Indians love bright colors in general, but over time the choice of colors for painting modular kitchens changes. The colors reflect a lot of the personality.
Serene White:
Selecting colors is like finding a constellation. But there is one color that never loses its popularity and charm, and that is white.
With the kitchen walls painted white, you can give your small kitchen a serene and spacious look. Classic white kitchen cabinets add an element of balance and elegance. So if you've never given your kitchen walls the touch of white, this year why not give it a timeless color.

Red Rage:
Adding a red element to your kitchen has been all the rage for quite some time. Trendy red cabinets accompanied by white cabinet trims are definitely a great combination. Bold colors once avoided in Indian kitchen designs are now greeted with a warm heart.

Cool Blue:
A shade of blue can be present in your kitchen color scheme this year. The blue on the walls will bring freshness. However, you don't have to paint your walls blue to get the look. A classic blue kitchen island in your kitchen with light shades painted on the walls would be a perfect combination. A color that will soothe your heart. Do you want to try blue as your kitchen color this time?

Shades of Gray:
Smoke in the air has fled between the smoky walls? Gray is now the choice of modern households to contemporary households. The warmth of color gives your kitchen walls a sophisticated look. Gray cabinets are also best paired with white walls.

Hello Yellow:
The sun on your wall will bring a glow to your face while cooking. It definitely adds the element of brightness and makes your kitchen look spacious. You just need to find the yellow you need for your kitchen walls.

Natural Shades:
People now prefer natural shades. Nature-inspired colors like earth red, sea blue, evergreen green, hazy colors and hundreds of other different natural colors are on the list.
In the hustle and bustle of city life, you can feel a step closer to nature in your kitchen.
Eco Green:
Pastel tones of green on the walls, tiles with green patterns, pistachio green, light green, mint green, olive green, lime green - find your green because there is a lot to choose from. Green will add the freshness and youth you need to your kitchen walls.

Color Combo:
Trying out color combinations for your kitchen can be interesting. Yellow and gray, green and light blue, white and red, cream and blue, these color combinations work well in the kitchen. You can also use multiple shades of colors.
Bright Colors:
Have fun and have fun with the colors in your kitchen, which will make your job easier. The time spent in Indian kitchens sometimes makes the life of Indian women monotonous. So break the monotony with colors.
Color you like:
Listen to your heart. Choose that kitchen color that you will love to see on the walls as you cook and spend time with your family and cherish all the happy moments.

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