Mermaid Quay: the perfect site of Cardiff for slackening. It is rather a contemporary development featuring decking walkways and brasseries near the seaside. Take a ride on boat around the bay. It’s an open field with proper cleanliness. You can’t find a place more suitable than Mermaid Quay to browse around for a bit of retail therapy. It is a vibrant area that offers a lot so that your cruise will become a great experience of yours.
Wales Millennium Centre: not solely a theatre, but much more than a spontaneous theatre. An ample stuff of entertainment encompassing opera ballet, contemporary dance, blockbuster West End musicals, hip hop, stand-up comedy, training days, workshops, art exhibitions, free foyer performances, guided tours and cafeterias. One never gets bored once after reaching this theatre. The venue is glamorous with good service that you really enjoy.
Bute Park: the park offers rather a serene atmosphere in which you can stroll or sit with a cup of coffee under a shadowed tree, enjoy and feel the silence of natural glory. It is an extensive area of mature parkland and is well-maintained. Try to go in the evening and clearly see the sunset in the shining evening. Prefer to go when weather is enormously pleasant.
DEPOT: intrinsically a platform to bring new events to the city. It has established as the most exhilarating and original venue of Cardiff. It introduced the concept of indoor street food for the first time in Cardiff. It endeavors a great atmosphere and a wide range of activities to indulge in so your trip becomes exciting in actual means and you really avail the time being spent during your cruise. Though all the cuisine is amazing; cheese, chocolate and wine is its forte and nothing can beat the taste of these items offered here. Superb food and excellent use of space!
Minskys Showbar: this original showbar of Cardiff being serves the audience for over 20 years with overwhelming gratifying stuff of entertainment. Amazing shows at this fantastic site certainly makes your day and you categorically desire to spend some more time over here. Food offered here is divine but cocktail is deific though so simple. You find it the best fun place among the fun spots you’ve visited.
Smoke & Mirrors: Smoke & Mirrors is a hub of comedy and magic shows. You can go here whenever you want as it is open 7 days a week. You are warmly welcomed by the friendly staff. Know about the different genres of comedy by enjoying diverse comic shows. Excellent magicians and you never get disappointed after visiting the spot. Shows performed here are fun-filled with amazing acts. You will laugh throughout the whole way. Spend a night in the back theatre and make an amazing night here.
Brunel’s SS Great Britain: a part of human nature that incites to know about the hidden facts of any certain event. So Brunel’s SS Great Britain endeavors you the chance to discover the true secret behind the ship that brought a change in the world. Enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of life on boat and do boating in the sonorous waves that sounds pretty thriving. It is a top attraction and a must-see place for history lovers so they can get a flavor of Bristol’s history.
Millennium Square: this thrilling site definitely reminds you of Downtown Hill Valley. It’s somewhat adventurous because the hostile spotlights and floor lighting disks makes passers by jump and you don’t feel so comfortable while being there but it has something poles apart and some rare experience must be added to your memory. The waterfront area is super and by having access over the waterside, you can easily move to other spots of Bristol. It is the hub of entertainment and is crowded. It’s a great public exciting space where it is pretty good to have a lunch here. It’s worth a visit here.
Clifton Suspension Bridge: Clifton Suspension Bridge is a peal bridge that detaches the Avon Gorge with the River Avon. You can have a sight over stunning scenarios from the road that is situated on the either side of the bridge or can stroll on the pedestrian walkways. This marvel of engineering certainly jolts you in the very first sight and then when you grasp the views around, it endeavors a soothing feel. It is an iconic landmark or a perfect romantic destination as well.
The Tunnels Bristol: a great interesting venue with acoustics offering concerts and shows in Bristol. It puts on pretty fine live music events. Staff is so helpful. It’s an unusual place. You have a chance to be the audience of awesome musicians’ live performances and you never get disappoints for the time you would spend here. It’s a must-see place and another plus point of visiting this site is that it gives you a fortuitous to clench other breath-taking views of Bristol.

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