You've booked your dream cruise to this year's hottest destination, but dinner for one for a week straight doesn't sound so dreamy. Don't worry—there are plenty of fish in the sea. Traveling solo can be the most exciting way to meet people—and best of all—find romance. A weeklong excursion is plenty of time to go on some memorable dates or even develop a lasting relationship. There are many fun establishments to meet people on all cruise ships. Depending on the type of cruise you embark on, you'll find a variety of men. You might find a lighthearted fling on a Carnival fun cruise, or a worldly gentleman on an exotic Celebrity cruise. Regardless of your destination, scope out cute singles at these fun events.

1. The Safety Drill: Everyone wants a partner who can keep them safe. And where better to take a big glance at the entire ship's occupants? Get to the lifeboat safety drill early so you can take a look around for potential dates. If you're a man, help a beautiful woman put on her lifejacket. Ladies love chivalry. If you're a woman, play helpless and ask a cute guy to assist you.

2. The Bars: Get familiar with the various bars onboard. Regardless of your music and venue preference, you'll find some singles sitting alone by the bar. Send a drink to the person you have your eye on and strike up a conversation.

3. The Eateries: Whether you like being served at the restaurant or self-serving at the buffet, there are plenty of social dining spots onboard. Even if you're not seated with any singles, invite the cutie at the next table for an after-dinner drink or cappuccino.

4. The Shows: You'll have no problem selecting from a large audience during the nightly entertainment. Arrive early to scope out who looks available and sit next to a friendly group. After the show is your chance to make plans for the rest of the night or week.

5. The Dances: Whether you like to get down in the club or be courted on the ballroom dance floor, all cruise vessels have fun dance venues where you can find a new dance partner who just might sweep you off your feet.

6. The Deck: Take a walk around the deck. Nights at sea are when most solo travelers hate being alone so you'll be sure to run into another single staring wistfully at the ocean's waves.

7. The Gym: Every cruise ship has a gym. And this is where you'll find the hottest bodies onboard. Kill two birds with one stone and pick up your night's date during your morning workout.

8. The Pool: See a good-looking bachelor or bachelorette lying out by the pool alone? Lie in the deck chair next to them and offer to slather sunscreen on their back.

9. The Shore Excursions: It's easy to spot singles out on the shore excursions. They're often taking photos alone or signing up for a tour group alone. Group up with these singles and bond over a foreign adventure.

10. The Shops: While you're browsing through the shops ask a cutie nearby to help you pick out souvenirs.

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Michael Blanco is a professional tourist guide of the best cruises around the world. Serving clients with the utmost quality and accommodation , he can prepare the perfect celebrity cruise for anyone.