Upon discovering a few more interesting ancestors recently that include American patriots as well as European nobility, I thought I'd compose a few playful words about my newfound hobby of researching ancestral lineage, and hope that a few of you find it to be somewhat entertaining:

1.) You learn to recognize the sounds, patterns, and families of owls, since they tend to be up late carrying on just like you.

2.) One person you know you are not related to is "sleeping beauty", because most of the time you are awake doing research.

3.) Getting a clue is like finding a diamond that only another genealogy lover can totally understand and relate to.

4.) There's always one in the family...One who gives you such a terrifically challenging time to find sufficient information about...

5.) You start to feel as if your family tree has become fictional or surreal, wondering how "these people" could be your people.

6.) Family research is better than any major movie, documentary, or drama, as you always come across something interesting.

7.) As you find relatives with a great number of accomplishments, you also find a few that caused a bit of scandal and drama.

8.) Other people tend to look at you with quiet wonder, as you delight in discussing your recent findings with such passion.

9.) Once you join yet another society to get your crisp certificate with shiny new ribbons, like a prized pedigree, you proudly stand a bit taller...

10.) ...You'll rest for a moment, keeping your medals in clear view for a while...then quickly get back to doing more research, of course...

Because aside from knowing the history of your family, you cannot help but to thrive upon the excitement in finding new discoveries...

Happy Researching,

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