1. Fear of Sleep

2. Stress and Worry (overly excited or anxious about the day ahead, thinking too much)

3. Uncomfortable Sleep Environment - too much light, too much noise, too hot or too cold, disruptive bedmate, children or pet, uncomfortable mattress, sheets, pillow or sleepwear

4. Sleeping in a new or unfamiliar environment

5. Going to bed when you’re not sleepy

6. Going to bed when you’re over-tired or have jet lag

7. Experiencing health issues – including pain, illness, hormonal imbalance and discomfort

8. Needing to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night

9. Participating in stimulating late night activities (excessive use of computer, work, TV, exercise, conversations)

10. Eating and drinking too late at night (caffeine, alcohol, spicy food, late dinners)

* This list was compiled from information gathered through various sleep organizations and websites and from direct experience. It’s a list for insomniacs and doesn’t address the needs of other sleep disorders or medical conditions.

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