Summer is here. Whether you have kids or not, to most of us summer means vacation. It’s a time to slow down, take it easy, and have some fun.

With a little planning, it can also be a time to get a little something done. Mini-projects help you create order in a short amount of time so you can enjoy the summer guilt-free. Here are my top 10 quick summer organizing projects:

10. Create a portfolio of this year’s school work. Sort through your child’s artwork and school papers, saving the best and most creative pieces. If your child is older, let him / her help. Save the actual work in a folder or box, or take pictures to make a digital portfolio.

9. Get your closet ready for summer. Sort by style (work, casual, exercise) and color. Remove items you no longer like or wear. Move winter items to the back of the closet or box them up.

8. Do a quick bathroom makeover. Toss old products. Move travel items to your luggage. Donate unused items to your local shelter.

7. Sort through board games, video games, and movies. Donate what your kids have outgrown or no longer use. Keep the most popular in an easy-to-reach place.

6. Repair broken items (clothing, jewelry, toys, or appliances). Toss or replace things that are beyond repair.

5. Create craft boxes. Sort craft supplies into categories (paints, coloring, scrapbook, projects, etc.). Keep them in separate containers for easy use and clean up.

4. Make a supply box for your home office. Gather all office supplies into one pile. Move what you use regularly to a desk caddy or drawer. Box up the rest to keep extra supplies in one place.

3. Organize your luggage. Store travel items (neck pillows, travel games, sample-size toiletries) with your suitcases to make packing easier.

2. Make a travel list for your upcoming vacation. Include items for each family member and specialty categories (camping, beach, plane, etc.). Keep the list on your phone or computer and update as needed.

1. Clear out your magazines. Recycle anything left from the spring or fall. Don’t worry, there will be similar articles next year!

Remember, don’t overwhelm yourself. Tackle one small project at a time. Make it fun by playing your favorite music, creating a contest or game, or working with a friend. Who knows, starting a small project may motivate you to tackle something else that you’ve wanted to get done.

This summer, take a few minutes each week to get organized. You’ll be glad you did.

© Renee Ursem, 2011

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Renee Ursem, Professional Organizer and owner of Get It Together, LLC in Las Vegas, helps people learn how to organize and maintain their spaces using simple, practical strategies.
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