The provincial capital of Baluchistan, Quetta is known as the “valley of fruits”. Quetta is the largest city of Baluchistan and one of the top-notch tourist destinations in Pakistan. Its rich fruit orchards, tranquil atmosphere, beautiful tradition, magnificent coasts and islands, enriched fertile land attracts many visitors to behold the sight of this heaven-like place. The city has several breathtaking sites making it an ideal spectacular place.
Karachi has an arid climate and the weather of Karachi is extremely hot during summers while winters are bit warm either. On a flip, Quetta has continental and semi-arid climate due to which weather of Quetta is very pleasant and the city receives snow in winters. Reaching Quetta and relishing the serenity of Quetta is undoubtedly a wonderful experience for those who are departing from Karachi since Karachi citizens are used to live in hustle bustle and exhausting atmosphere.
Fatima Travels is always here to facilitate and guide you at each step next to be taken. So, if you are going to explore Quetta, departing Karachi, then here is a catalogue of best things to do in. It helps you to save time and thwart wasting your precious time. Although Quetta is a lovely place where every site of nature is marvelous but if you have a limited time then you definitely urge to discover the best in Quetta. So, here are the best things to do in Quetta:
Koh-e-Chiltan: Koh-e-Chiltan is 3,194 meters high stunning mountain. Baluchistan is the land of mountains and Koh-e-Chiltan is the fifth highest peak in Baluchistan and the third highest peak in Quetta. It’s an appealing mountain and is also known as Mount Chiltan as ‘Koh’ means ‘mountain’. Several stories are made by locals about this stunning peak that this peak haunt the visitors after the happening of an incident and those who hear this spooky story, would keep up at night. Rather, it’s a great place and must to see in Quetta.
Hanna Urak Valley: One of the top-notch tourist attractions in Quetta, Hanna Urak Valley is ranked to be one amongst the most beautiful valleys in Pakistan. This scenic area proffers astonishing views. It’s n ideal place for picnic and if you want to add a bit of thrill in your trip then must enjoy hiking and tracking on the mountains situated around Hanna Urak Valley. This lush green space with cool breeze and enriched fruits is undoubtedly a blessing of Allah Almighty. You would have valuable memories with this stunning place.
Mian Ghundi: Mian Ghundi is a small village. The place itself and its surroundings are the best examples of natural glory. High mountains surround this beautiful bowl-shaped village. It’s a popular site among locals as well as foreign visitors and the site attained this popularity because of its bowl-like structure which makes it a unique spot. Mian Ghundi was supposed to be a cantt of the Pakistani government so it holds a prehistoric status either. Here you have a lot to discover which you would fall in love with.
Spin Karez: A small place whose splendor is enough to catch every visitor’s sight. Its panoramic view isn’t less than a scenery. This small lake contains water coming from the mountains. What a mesmerizing sight it is! This breathtaking site certainly makes you to behold the sight of.
Hazarganji Chiltan National Park: A national park of Pakistan, Hazarganji Chiltan National Park is a spectacular area featuring precipitous slopes. The Hazarganji Range and Chiltan Hills surrounds this beautiful park, giving it a fantastic look. Radically it was built to endeavor refuge to the endangered Chiltan wild goat or Markhor but with time, animals’ estimation gets upsurge. At present, about 800 Chiltan wild goat species are to be found in park. The park has a diversity of fauna species including numerous birds, mammals, and reptiles. A wonderful and perfect place for nature lovers.
Liaquat Family Park: Liaquat Family Park is a lovely site to sightsee where your sight can find the soothes. It’s a well-maintained park with entertainment for children. If you are looking for a place to endeavor your kids entertaining time, then nothing would work better than this park.
Askari Park: The biggest park of Quetta, Askari Park is a lovely point of attraction for visitors and locals as well. Askari Park is a wonderful place for all age groups. The park accouters a jogging track, children’s park, Gardenia Resort hotel and restaurant. It’s the perfect site to reach if you want to spend some time in calmness enjoying clean air. Furthermore, it has small water places for boating and rides, offering you quality time.
Karkhasa Park: Are you in search of a serene place? Then just reach the site named as Karkhasa Park while being in Quetta. This glamorous park is the finest spot for slackening. It is replete of fragrant species making it one amongst the most tranquil places in Quetta. The park has several flaura species and birds flying and chirping in open-air gives a lovely sight of nature. Park proffers you all what a true nature lover wants to grab.
Gold City Shopping Mall: What a majestic change has been brought in Quetta! You could and would experience this majestic change by reaching this high-end shopping mall. Gold City Shopping Mall is a contemporary mall built up to international standards. It’s a mall where you can relish shopping since the mall has some of the brands. It has a capacious food court and is undoubtedly one of the optimum family places to visit in Quetta.
Prince Road: Prince Road is famous throughout the Pakistan for serving best main street food. The food offered here is of best quality and is extremely scrumptious. Visiting this road must be a part of your cruise if you are visiting Quetta. Moreover, this road is famous for its fancy footwears. Not only fancy, rather, here you will find a large collection of traditionally designed shoes. The road depicts the vibrant side of Quetta and is worth to visit.

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