You have just arrived in Dubai and want to see as much as possible? Of course, you certainly would like to go shopping, try specialties, walk around and watch the city. If you plan everything well, you can see much of it, you can do it all and get back home with an unforgettable experience. But, still you need a good tip, right? Well, here are some.

Already by arriving at the airport you will realize that this trip would be a totally different experience. The feeling is like you're in some futuristic movie. Thousands of expensive cars will pass next to you and you will wonder how much do they cost. How much do you need to pay for insurance and many other things? Well, at least in Dubai you can find everything. For example, if you are searching perfect insurance for your car you just need to visit the website of a local company BuyAnyInsurance and you don’t need to worry about anything. It’s similar to every other problem you encounter. There is always a solution.

This is the city where everything is possible. It's a city that changes day by day. And I believe that when we visit it again in a couple of years we will have the impression that we are here for the first time because nothing will be the same.

Burj Khalifa

As in Dubai, everything needs to be perfect, most luxurious, that is also the case with Burj Khalifa. This is the tallest building in the world (829.84 m) with the highest floor, the fastest lift, the tallest nightclub, the tallest restaurant, the tallest building with the facade of aluminum and glass, and much more details. If you are afraid of height, don’t allow this fear to overcome you, squeeze your teeth and win it, because it is worth it, the view from above is divine. It will take your breath away. It’s also important to note that the tickets are cheaper over the internet and you certainly need to buy them a few days before you arrive. Official tour of this really spectacular building lasts around 90 minutes.

Dubai Gold Souk

The Dubai Gold Souk Area is the largest gold bazaar in the world with 275 stores in the area of half a mile. At any point there are over 25 tons of gold in goldsmiths' displays. Jewelry is charged at the cost of gold plus earnings, which is not the case in the West where it is sold per piece. Gold is imported from UAE, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore and Bahrain.
The famous gold market is located in the northern part of Dubai Creek, in the old part of the city of Deira. The yellow glitter of the windows will leave you breathless, especially in the evening when all the silence of the light effects collapses on all the possible types, weight and thickness of golden necklaces, bracelets and earrings and massive gold plates surrounded by the glittering golden ducats.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is one of the largest shopping centers in the world and a paradise for shopping lovers. A lot of clothes, handbags, gold, and glittering lights sprang from each floor. While Arabic women chose the most expensive clothes and shoes, their drivers wander behind and carry all those bags. Scenes are like that from the movie.
In addition to countless shops, Dubai Mall has an aquarium with the largest glass wall and the ice rink. Whether you want to dive, swim with dolphins and seas, sail on submarines or simply enjoy the spectacular aquariums, you can do all that you can do in Dubai. Within this aquarium, your home has found as many as 33.00 species of animals!

Burj al Arab

A sail-shaped hotel is a symbol of Dubai is one of the most luxurious in the world. It is located on an artificial island just 280 meters from the shore. The first seven-star hotel was also the first attraction that began to turn the world's attention to Dubai as a tourist destination. The access to the artificial island is limited and the only legal way to enter the hotel is a drink or one of the meals, of course the astronomical price. Still, you need to visit it!


If we want to look our look away a little off the skyscrapers, city lights and luxury and remember that Dubai is a desert you need to go to safari. So if you need something native, original and old to experience the other side of the Arab culture this is it. The visit to Dubai is not complete without experiencing the safari.
If you are searching for traditional dishes, belly dancing, riding on camels, canvas drawings this is the place. All these are wonderful experiences and evidence that Dubai, apart from glittering and luxury, can offer something else. And the sunset in desert is amazing too!

Old Town – Al Bastakiya

The Al Bastakiya district is actually the historic center of Dubai, the place where it originated. It has been proclaimed a site of historical significance and there is no traffic there. Every morning you can go to a regular tourist tour, with a guide, and walk around this quarter, stroll down the alleyways and see the restored buildings. Since this quarter is large, plan to spend at least half a day there.

Palm Jumeirah

It is part of the complex of artificial islands in the form of palm trees. It's a fantastic feeling to stand on an island created by a man because he's still in the desert. On the island there are luxury villas with private beaches, prince's palace, a lot of luxury hotels and at the very top of the palms is the most famous hotel Atlantis. This spectacular resort is much more than a hotel offering 1,539 rooms. Apart from the spectacular rooms, the hotel also offers a swimming pool, an artificial lake where you can swim with the dolphins, and the most famous beach in Dubai. From the edges of the palm or the island there is a beautiful view of the city.

Mall of Emirates

This is another shopping center, which besides the shop, of course, has a lot of restaurants, cafes, playrooms, cinemas and hotels. Mall of Emirates is as beautiful as Dubai Mall, but still special and different.
Here everything is possible, so among the other things center has a ski resort. While one is drinking coffee in a shopping center, others are skiing on tracks up to 400 meters long and only glass splits them. Unbelievable, you must agree!

Dubai museum

The building of the Dubai Museum, Al-Fahidi Fort is an attraction for itself. The historic fortress that dates back to 1799 was turned into a museum in 1970. The exhibits range from old weapons and accessories to pearl hunters to an impressive range of military items. Some of the most fascinating exhibits are found in 3-4,000-year-old tombs in Al-Ghusais.

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is an artificial part of town, for which you cannot decide whether it is more beautiful day or night. This is a wonderful place where you can spend hours and hours walking, enjoying the luxury of the city. Magnificent skyscrapers, boats, yachts, cars and another shopping center can be seen. Definitely a great place for afternoon coffee or evening enjoyment.

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