1. Change Your Cover Picture On The Go :
Change your cover photo from the mobile app on the go. No you can head to your profile and tap on the camera icon, displayed at the bottom-right of your cover image. Get the option to snap a new picture, or select one from your iPhone's Camera Roll instantly even on the go.

2. Customize Your Favorites:
Add Facebook features and third party apps to your "Favorites," as these display at the top of your menu screen, this is a handy way to get quick access to tools you use very often. To edit your Favorites you need to go to the menu screen and scroll down to the bottom and further needs to select "Edit Favorites."

3. Add a Friend to Your Favorites :
Add friends to your favorites for quick access to their profiles. Follow the instruction in the preview slide. Hit the plus icon, and select ‘’ Add Friends’‘ and select from your friend list.

4. Delete a Post :
It's not obvious how to delete posts when using the mobile app, but it's quite simple. To delete content, you need to simply swipe your finger across it from left to right. This will bring up a black cross on the top-right and you need to tap this for the option to hide from your Time-line.

5. See Your Friends' Birthdays :
App does not do the birthday celebration like the site do but, you can select the "Events" option from the main menu. This will display birthdays on the current day, the following day and the rest of the week, while tapping on "Birthdays" on the bottom of the screen will give you a full list in date order.

6. Put Facebook in Your Dock :
First remove an app from the dock. Press and hold any app until all the icons start wiggling, then tap and drag the unwanted app out of the dock area and tap and drop Facebook in. Once you press the home button, your changes will be saved.

7. Manage Your Alerts :
Open "Settings" and select "Notifications." Scroll down to see your "Notification Center" and tap "Facebook." You can now choose your preferred style of alert or banner notification, which disappears automatically.

8. Manage Your Push Notifications :
To manage the push notifications you receive from the Facebook app, you have to head elsewhere. Head to your iPhone's "Settings" menu and scroll down to the apps section. Tap on Facebook and then select "Push Notifications." Here you can choose exactly what kind of events you'd like to get push-notified about.

9. Sync Your Contacts :
The Facebook app offers the clever option to sync your friends to your phone's contacts. Enable the tool to transfer info from Facebook, including your friends' photos. To activate or update, go to the "Friends" option on the main menu and tap the icon in the top right corner. Hit "Sync Contacts" and after a permissions page, your phone will do the rest.

10. Poke Your Friends :
The Facebook "Poke" has fallen out of favor in recent years, but you can still Poke your buddies in the mobile version. First, head to their profile. Then, hit the icon on the top right for the option to Poke.

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