Forex trading is not so easy as it may seem sometimes. There is a widely spread misconception about this kind of business being based exclusively on luck. It goes without saying that luck is really a significant factor in this sphere. The main reason is that Forex is not an exact science. Some unskillful Forex traders may gain regular profits during a definite period while many experienced ones may get unlucky and lose everything. However, trading in Foreign Exchange market goes far beyond luck. It requires the acknowledgment of some very important tips the application of which may stack odds in your favor. They do not promise the absolute profits, yet are able to more or less minimize your losses. Here are top 10 trading tips assembled to help a Forex trader.
1. Plan your goals. Act according to your goals
From the very beginning it is significant for a trader to plan his goals. He should ask himself some questions before starting to trade. What is Forex trading for me, a hobby or a source of income? How much time can I devote to this trading? What is success and what is failure for me? These and similar questions should be answered before you pass to factual trading.
2. Be careful while choosing your broker
A simple search in Internet will result a wide list of brokerage companies existing all over the world. Study closely the websites of each of them, going through all terms and conditions. Pay attention to the fact if the company is registered, what deposit methods it provides, how much the minimum amount of investment is, how much the maximum leverage ratio is and a number of other details.
3. Choose the account type and leverage ratio according to your needs and expectations
If you have good understanding of forex trading and enough experience then standard account type completely suits you, but if you are new in this sphere, you can select beginner account type. As for leverage ratio, the higher the leverage is the riskier your transaction will be. So in any case low leverage ratio is safer.

4. Focus on a single currency pair
Currency exchange market is very deep and complicated. You are just unable to master in all financial instruments. So it is better to concentrate on the currency pair which is more or less familiar to you. Choosing the one which includes the currency of your nation will be a great idea. Otherwise it is advisable to pick a liquid and widely traded currency pair.
5. Do not add to a losing position
If your position is working against you, it will be unreasonable to add money to it. You should try to keep it on its own.

6. Control your emotions
Trading with cold head, this is what you should adopt for yourself from the very beginning. While trading such emotions as panic, fear, euphoria should be excluded.
7. Understand that Forex trading is based on predictions
There is no exact strategy that will bring you regular profits. Remember that losses are just inevitable.
8. Study money management
As soon as you gain profits, it is time to protect them. This means that you should seek to minimize your losses and maximize your profits. In order to realize it you should closely study money management methods.
9. Study Forex market analysis types
Two analysis types are distinguished: fundamental and technical. For beginners doing analysis is not such an easy job. They usually act instinctively. It is experienced traders who should go deep into analysis methods.
10. Never give up
Be ready to suffer many losses. This is natural and inevitable. But never get disappointed of them, they will sooner or later be substituted by profits.

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