So the cold weather has arrived a tad early and it has left many people wanting to “hibernate” through until spring. Get the shopping in, close the door, put the TV on and don’t leave the house all day, sound familiar? In the UK at this time of year, the amount of daylight we get is less than half of what we get in July, 8 hours per day in December compared to 16.5 hours per day in July. Due to this, many people in the UK suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. So do you just accept it as the way it is or do you do something about it?

I suggest you do something about it so the New Year is not the same old struggle.

If you, like me, and many others find it more difficult to keep yourself trim in the winter, because you don’t get any sunlight and you don’t seem to “manage” your exercise and nutrition as well as it is at other times of the year, don’t worry, these 10 top tips will help you keep yourself energised and healthy through the winter months.

1. Move to the Caribbean for 3 months! (Ok let’s get the silly one out of the way).

2. Work On Your Diet First - Eat more vegetables, have a winter soup - Eating some type of protein with every meal. It will keep your blood sugar levels and will help you to feel fuller for longer. You have heard it many times before, drink more water, and have a glass before a meal to help you eat a little less. If you’re not getting enough folate or vitamin B12, your energy levels will plummet and fatigue, weakness and poor concentration can occur. Look at your diet, and find foods that contain these, such as, leafy green vegetables, broccoli lentils, spinach, eggs, strawberries and oranges. Proper amounts of potassium can help as well, so try adding a banana to your day!

3. Get More Sunlight. Sit by a sunny window or sit in your car and get some rays! But remember, if you're out in the sun, take care not to burn.

4. Keep Busy Around The House. While the weather outside is frightful, burn some calories by knocking out any home projects like cleaning out closets or painting a room. Having that feeling of accomplishment should cheer you up as too.

5. Have a Party! Having a fun event planned to look forward to can take your mind off the cold and dark of winter. Your event can be as simple as an evening out for dinner or a big party planned by you. Invite people you enjoy that make you happy when you’re around them. Many people get the winter blues, so why not consider making it the theme of the night and plan fun that has a tropical feel?

6. Stop Watching the News and TV. Watch comedy programmes instead - Feed yourself a diet of positive news (avoid watching or reading horror, disasters, violence, crime, etc). Invite and allow love into your life.

7. Exercise. Make the most of each opportunity you get, if there is a break in the weather, wrap up and go for a brisk invigorating walk or run or try a winter sport or join a gym so you can exercise indoors.

8. Wear Thin Layers of Clothes rather than heavy clothes to avoid feeling restricted. Don’t forget if you are out in the cold to keep your head covered. You can lose anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of body heat otherwise.

9. Buy Walking Boots, Gloves, Hat, Coat and Waterproofs. I once spoke to a Dr from Sweden and he said “there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing!” which I believe is very true. I have two dogs which I walk more or less everyday, year round, I have proper gear for the bad days.

10. Learn Something New. Start a hobby, small business or a college course in something your passionate about. Developing an interest in something new will make you feel good during those long winter months. Try to stay sociable and interact with family and friends as much as possible.

11. (I know I said 10 but number 1 is a joke!)Wear bright colours. Even if everyone else is wearing dark colours. The right colour will give you a real lift. Bring colour into where you live. Paint a room with bright cheerful colours. Bring flowers into your home, fresh when possible.

I hope these tips will help you have a bit more positive energy from now through until the end of March when spring begins. Please leave your comments and send me your questions.

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