Having the right management and leadership skills is not necessarily being an expert in your profession but it’s all about your ability to manage other people. The journey to becoming a successful leader begins early in life hence it is important to develop management and leadership skills in students to empower them to become great future leaders. Here are top 10 ways to develop management and leadership skills in students.

1. Encourage teamwork among students
It is important to identify a child’s interests at an early age and encourage him or her to participate in group activities such as scouting, sports or joining the school band. These activities provide valuable lessons to students about the importance of teamwork.

2. Teach them to persevere
A good leader is one who has the ability to handle both failure and success gracefully and one who can withstand constant pressure. When future leaders are exposed to disappointment without being protected from it, they will learn how to handle failure and move on.

3. Set a good example
Parents and teachers are role models whom students look up to for guidance. Children see their parents and teachers as the leaders in their lives thus they will learn the virtue of accountability from their parents and teachers through their effective leadership skills. For example, how well the parents are able to balance between business and personal roles.

4. Teach them how to make the right decisions
Students should be taught how to make good decisions at an early age because they often become overwhelmed by many choices. They should learn how to narrow down their options to one or two very important ones. Students should be taught how to weigh the pros and sons of every option to help them make an informed decision.

5. Teach them how to negotiate
Good leaders have great negotiation skills and they know when to compromise. Students should be taught good negotiations skills like not giving up when they do not get what they want. Instead teach them how to make offers and counter-offers. There are good Free Open University courses available that can help students to learn different areas of management and leadership skills including decision making, negotiation, planning etc.

6. Encourage them to work
Teachers and parents should teach students the value of working to earn a living early in their life. If a child is eager to engage in a small business, they should be encouraged and supported. They will learn how to manage their small stand which will make them great managers in future.

7. Build their confidence
Students should be allowed to express themselves without fear of repercussion. This allows them to gain confidence in themselves and also gives them the ability to communicate what they need without fear.

8. Teach them project planning skills
Children should not be left out of key decision making processes. Whether it is a school event or a family business project, it is important to delegate smaller tasks to them as this will hone their project planning skills.

9. Make use of vision boards
This is an excellent way of teaching students how to prioritize their goals as they also learn how to visualize the most important priorities.

10. Encourage them to read
Students should be encouraged to read for fun when they are young as this enhances their intellectual progress in many different topics. Students tend to understand the world better from reading.

Concluding Remarks:
While management and leadership skills may come naturally, parents and teachers play a critical role of teaching children important lessons that will significantly impact them later on in life. Using the right words at the right time can make all the difference.

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