1. Do something creative.
2. Learn something new - about work or life.
3. Read a biography of a leader who intrigues you.
4. Give yourself think time as well as dream time.
5. Review and update job descriptions for yourself and everybody around you - schedule any and all meetings necessary to get them into their best shape and then schedule regular future meetings to review if you don't regularly review job descriptions already.
6. Ask yourself the $5 million question: If I could put $5 million behind my best idea, what would I make happen?
7. If you've got a pretty fixed schedule, play with odd office hours for a week, or once a quarter... If your hours are unpredictable, try fixing them for a week. If you're usually at the same desk every day, try working remotely for a change of perspective. Likewise, if you travel a lot, try staying planted for a week or a month.
8. Increase your bandwidth: delegate, drop or re-frame a to-do.
9. Don't should on yourself and don't should on anybody else.
10. Hire a leadership coach.

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Author's Bio: 

Dr. Joni Carley, co-contributor: Stepping Stones to Success, vol. 1 w/Deepak Chopra & Jack Canfield. A thought leader in values-driven leadership who consults & presents with business and public sector leaders incl. the United Nations; her company, Leaderful Edge, helps improve individual & organizational capacity to increase profits, share prices, retention, innovation and stakeholder loyalty.