The majority of football players in the world is famous for their talented football skills. But very few people know that some football players have super-high IQ and they are even smarter than brilliant scientists like Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton.
Let’s find out the list of the most intelligent footballers in the world.
1. Juan Mata

Juan Mata - a handsome and talented footballer - truc tiep bong da k+
Juan Mata is one of the best midfielders of Manchester United who has a creative way of playing football, but he is also known as a smart guy.
He used to study journalism in Madrid city and his articles were always highly appreciated. He also graduated from the Institute of Sports Science and Finance.
Very few professional footballers have a degree of A point. But Juan Mata has two qualifications of sports and marketing at Camilo Jose Cela University in Madrid.
When leaving Valencia to join The Blues, this player spent less than one year speaking English fluently that is very hard for all people.
Besides the innate football talent and high IQ, Juan Mata is also known for his generosity. He and some of his friends establisheda charity fund to help poor people and they always take 1% of their salary to raise the fund.
2. Ronaldo de Lima

Ronaldo de Lima is a legendary footballer of Brazil
When it comes to "Fat Ronaldo", fans always remember about his incredible speed and excellent football techniques. He obtained a lot of trophies from the club to national level.
But after retiring, Ronaldo said that he felt sorry for not paying more attention to education. That's why this Brazilian came to England in 2013 to study advertising from Sir Martin Sorrell.
"I need to equip myself with something. Learning from Martin will be perfect. He will have to tell me everything. ” Ronaldo said in an interview.
3. Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku has a very high IQ which surprised many people
​Lukaku is a powerful striker because of his large body and well-rounded fitness background. He is a Belgium football player and he is playing for Manchester United and Belgium national football team.
Although he was a football player, he decided not to leave Belgium when he had not completed his study plan.
With the support of his family, Lukaku graduated from tourism and community relations. In addition, the 21-year-old can speak five different languages including English, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Congolese.
4. Matthew Lawrence (England)

Matthew Lawrence is not famous for his talent in football but his high IQ
Matthew Lawrence is not so much well-known like other footballers because he only plays for small clubs and in the lower division of English football.
Currently, at the age of 40, he still plays for Burgess Hill Town. In addition to football, Lawrence graduated from an American university with a writing major.
And he is currently writing for several top British newspapers such as "The London Paper", "The Mirror". He is also a commentator for "BBC London", "Taksport" and "5Liver"
5. Mario Balotelli

Mario Balotelli is one of the most notorious and smart footballers
According to a survey, the results were surprising when "Super Mario" was the third highest IQ player in the world, only after Pique and Lampard. Balotelli IQ is 147.
Balotelli is one of the most infamous players in football history. He is a notorious footballer as he has made a lot of scandals during his career. Whether you like or hate him, you have to confirm his innate football talent and high IQ.
6. Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Henrikh Mkhitaryan is a talented footballer of America
Not only is he the biggest star of Armenian football, but Mkhitaryan is also an extremely intelligent player. He is fluent in six languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Italian.
In addition, Mkhitaryan held a Bachelor's degree in Sports and Physical Education, studying Economics in St Petersburg and plans to become a lawyer after retiring.
7. Simon Mignolet

Simon Mignolet is famous for his appearance and talent
​Simon Mignolet is the best goalkeeper in Liverpool. Besides his football career, he graduated from the School of Law and Political Science.
His coach-Klopp had made a statement “He is one of the most clever players I have ever worked with. He always shows his talent both on the pitch and in real life”
“Many friends of mine have become journalists and worked in big institutes. It is not a duty when I have to go to school when completing a football season. But academic knowledge helps me to have a different view about life” said Mignolet.
Mignolet can speak English, French, German and Dutch well.
8. Yuto Nagatomo

Yuto Nagatomo is the pillar of Japan national football team
The Japanese star has played for the national team in 81 matches and attended both World Cup 2010, 2014. In addition to his football career, Nagatomo also graduated with a Bachelor of Economics at Doshisha University in Western Japan.
Yuto Nagatomo has achieved a lot of prestigious titles in his football career like The best Asian footballer in 2013, the championships of the 2009 J-League Cup, the 2010-2011 Italy Cup, the 2017-2018 Turkish Super Cup, etc.
He is one of the greatest Japanese footballer in Japan history.

9. Giorgio Chiellini

Giorgio Chiellini is on the lecture
The Italian center-back was a bachelor of economics seven years ago. And in April, he graduated with a master's degree in Business Administration. He even graduated with an absolute score of 110. From now on, the fans could call him "Master" Chiellini.
Giorgio Chiellini is recognized one of the best defenders in the world. And he also has obtained a lot of titles like Italian Super Cup, Coppa Italia, etc.
10. Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard is even smarter than Einstein
The legend of Stamford Bridge is one of the smartest players in the football world with an IQ of 150. And this puts him in the top 0.5% of the world's highest intelligent indexes.
Before becoming a professional football player, Lampard had 12 A points of GCSE in England and A+ in a degree of Latin language. We should know Albert Einstein's IQ is 160 and if Lampard didn’t have passion for the ball, maybe he would become another great scientist of the world!
11. Gerard Pique

The midfielder of Barcelona and the Spain national football team has an IQ of 170, which is superior to the rest of the world. Thus, Pique is considered the "smartest player in the world". his IQ even surpasses the scientist Albert Einstein (160) and many great men in the world.
This summer, he will continue his education at Harvard, which is one of the world famous universities. This super high IQ helps Pique put his name into the list of 0.001% smartest people in the world.
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