Choosing the perfect operation software like CRM and ERP for your organization is vital as it complements and meets the goals. Microsoft Dynamics is the best platform for a 360-degree vision of insights and processes of business operations.

The impactful tools of Dynamics 365 assist your sales and marketing teams and help you stand ahead of the competition. Additionally, you can integrate it into your CRM and portals and use the combined power of the Dynamics CRM portal. It provides excellent functionality, performance, and security. It helps you scale and change your solution according to your organization.

Let's discuss the top twelve reasons on why you should choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your company:

Data Centralization:

Data centralization happens by integrating other applications, cloud services, and external data sources. It includes accounting databases, email marketing, websites, surveys, etc.

Using this, you can find your strengths and weaknesses. This helps you measure performance using data visualizations. Apart from this, it keeps the organization informed with essential metrics and helps you make better decisions.

Customer relationships:

Consistency in customer experience can help businesses keep their client base. Integrated sales, marketing, and customer service platforms help connect every source of customer information across all channels. Additionally, you can even integrate this information with webchat and self-service portals.


Dynamics 365 integrates with Office 365 and other Microsoft platforms, which has more efficiency and productivity. It integrates with useful and familiar applications like Outlook, Excel, and Word. You can also integrate Dynamics 365 with other CRMs like SAP and Salesforce. Apart from this, you can use various portals like Dynamics CRM customer portal, a self-service portal, etc. to bridge the gap between CRM and websites.

Data Security:

Microsoft is known for securing its customers' data. All its products, along with Dynamics 365, meet the EU criteria, including GDPR. When we go through MS Dynamics 365 compliance, it shows that all your customers' data is safe in the Microsoft cloud.

Timely updates:

Microsoft has a strong team of researchers who try their best practices for Dynamics 365. This helps them stay ahead in the rat race and make sure their customers' lives are easy.

Process Automation:

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can create a rule for processes that can customize it based on your business needs. This will help you to put an end to repetitive manual tasks. It notifies you to approve the process of seamless by following some guided procedures. It helps you in reaching successful outcomes and also provides great data quality.


Using Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can synchronize it across iOS, Windows, and Android devices. This enables productivity and helps you and your team members to stay on the same page.


Microsoft prefers to add a touch of its Windows everywhere. The same thing is with Microsoft Dynamics 365. You feel like using your Windows computer only. This familiarizes you with the interface and increases your and your employees' productivity.

Accessibility roles:

System administrators can provide accessibility roles to certain users. This ensures the right information is delivered to the right person regardless of using Outlook or a web interface.

Targets marketing campaigns:

Currently, customers must know about the offers and new services a business provides. Microsoft CRM offers a marketing automation module which simplifies the following tasks:

Building customer
Lead lists
Developing marketing campaigns
Target specific customers
Tracking results of these campaigns
Creating follow-up marketing campaigns
Keeping employees updated:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM design helps your staff be more productive both in the office and out of the office. They can filter needed information like meeting updates, sales details, or customer information from anywhere at any time.

Improves efficiency:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM workflow engine enables businesses to automate business processes in many ways. It provides an ease to your employees from tedious work by automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

It notifies your staff about customer issues and sends important messages to customers and partners. This helps to solve customer problems and provide better service.


Many CRM and portal options are available in the market, but Dynamics CRM and Dynamics CRM portal add on still lead the market. With every update, they try to make it better to bring ease to businesses, their customers, and employees.

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