The seminar platform is a natural medium capable of reaching many prospects instead of one. The primary reason for conducting seminars is to educate or sell. Whether it be products or services, a seminar leader will want to share their expertise and knowledge.

The meetings that will be best remembered and are the most successful are those that combine a well-executed plan, a smooth functioning event, starts and finishes on time AND adds humour with education in the presentation.

When you follow these proven steps, you will be in a good position to promote and conduct a successful seminar. The dynamics of group presentations is contagious and, if done properly, can influence the immediate purchase of products and/or services.

1. Know Your Business – and have passion for what you do!
2. Find your best audience
3. Determine the primary and secondary purposes for your seminar.
4. Find the best meeting space for yourself!
5. Ask for others to share the costs – sponsors, partnerships, joint seminars!
6. Create great marketing tools – flyers and e-flyers, blogs, newspapers, etc.
7. Design a timed-agenda
8. Practice – practice – practice
9. Control the Front of room set up
10. Prepare for Back-of-room sales
11. Early set up
12. Start and finish on time

Author's Bio: 

As a long-time Toastmaster, College Instructor and Internet Marketing Strategist, I have worked with dozens of small businesses and solopreneurs to help them understand the power of delivering workshops and seminars to promote themselves, their business and their non-profit cause.

My passion is working with self employed service professionals who are passionate about their service and their clients. These people develop an expertise and naturally find themselves sharing their knowledge to help others. I partner with these people to create strategies, tactics and processes that turn acquaintances or website visitors in to leads. These leads are added to a personalized process that leads them step by step into becoming raving fans. As much as possible, this is done all in an automated process so people don't slip through the cracks.

I raise 5 beautiful children, live with my wonderful husband John on Georgian Bay. In my free time I bake, decorate cakes, go camping and canoeing and write.