Ok, ok, ok! I assume you have read through Part 1 of this epic read on how to have a total workout using only dumbbells. If not, check it out before proceeding to this article. We had already listed 8 excellent workouts down, now 8 more to go. You’re into all of these exercises but you still want BIG ARMS! Remember that compound of pushing builds triceps and compound of pulls builds biceps. Still want more! I don’t blame you. Though I know intellectually that these other movements are great for the arms, I too like to do some arm-specific work to MAXIMIZE their potential. So here is what you need to do?


1. Dumbbell Bicep Curls. This is possibly the most popular exercise amongst men. It’s surely right up there with Bench Press. Anyway it is good at bringing out the peak of the bicep. You can do Standing or Seated Variations. You can also do them in an alternating fashion or simultaneously. However you decide to do them, you will increase the size of your biceps considerably if you do them a couple times a week with good form.

2. Hammer Curls. This is a version of the bicep curl that allows you to move more weight meaning more mass gain. Also involved in this exercise neglected in others is the Brachioradialis. What’s that you ask? It is part of the forearm. This exercise is great for bicep mass and adds size to the forearm as well.
Though everyone loves training biceps, it’s the Triceps that make up the majority of the size in the upper arm! So let’s get to the Tri’s...

3. Skull Crushers / Lying Triceps Extensions. You can do a number of variations with one or two dumbbells. Adjusting the angle of the bench can also change the strength curve of the movement as well. Whether you are using a flat bench with One Dumbbell or Declined Bench with Two Dumbbells or another variation, this exercise with shred up the ol’ horseshoe triceps!

4. Triceps Kickback. This movement is often done with one arm at a time, though you can do both at the same time if you like. You will be hard pressed to find an exercise that generates more burn in the triceps than the kickback. Like the old Denorex commercial said, “The tingle tells me it’s working.” Get to kicking and start the burn!

That’s the entire upper body blasted! Results galore! Want to take it to the next level? You can reach that next level by Increasing your testosterone and growth hormone levels naturally? How do you do that? You train your wheels with intensity! How do you do that with this equipment combo?


5. Squats. Grab a dumbbell in each hand and sit down... Then stand up... and REPEAT! There, it’s that simple. This compound leg movement with increase Quad, Glute and Hamstring mass. It will also stimulate a natural increase in your Testosterone and GH levels. The result is a more ripped body body to toe! You can do variations in stance, depth, open area without bench, or squat to the bench. Here the most important thing to do - SQUAT!

6. Lunges. For leg and glute development, it is a close competition between Squats and Lunges as to which is the best. Both are great and worth doing in your leg workout. What I can tell you is that if I don’t do one for a few weeks, when I bring it back into the workout it blasts my legs. For that reason I suggest Lunges and Squats. As for the lunges you can do variations such as: Standing, Walking, Forward, Angled, et cetera.

7. Step-Ups. Here is a great exercise that takes your leg training to a new level. The Step-Up done properly may be the best glute developer. Men may not worry about shaping their glutes as much as ladies do. Ask a woman though and I bet you she tells you, “WE SHOULD!”

8. Calf Raises. Pick up a dumbbell or two and get to Raising. Single or double leg variations are both great. Depending on balancing issues you can hold one or two dumbbells and work your way down to just bodyweight for a drop set thoroughly burning them out.

So there you have it, a complete body shred! Every body part worked with minimal equipment in minimal space. Now...

...Oh wait, the ABS...


You may have noticed there are no ABS-specific exercises on this list. The reason is your Abs get a lot of work through ALL of the other exercises in this list. Doing all the other exercises and eating clean will bring out that 6-pack! Abs start in the kitchen, and not just in the gym. Not happy with that explanation? FINE! Drop on the floor and do some crunches, some leg raises or some wood choppers with a dumbbell! Problem solved!

Ok, now there ou have it! These exercises done on a regular basis with intensity will get you results. Do you have the initiative to get started? More importantly do you have the follow through to stick with it? Prove me right!!

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Ian Lauer is a certified strength and conditioning specialist. His background in personal training made him an expert in providing countless of valuable advice and a proud member of Team Powertec. Powertec is the pioneer and leader in the area of strength equipment. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Powertec produces a full line of strength equipment for home and light commercial purposes. Our brand is highly sought after by the educated buyer looking for weight capacity maximization without sacrificing safety, customization of their Workbench home gyms through extensive accessory modularization, and commercial gym quality at home gym prices.