An increasing number of rehab centers in Columbus Ohio are embracing holistic therapy approaches as a means to improve the recovery of users who are undergoing substance abuse. Addiction is a disease that changes the way the body interacts with the abused substance in a way that it never gets satisfied.

A holistic approach supplements traditional addiction treatment helping the abuser to recover with a new healthy lifestyle. This article will explore the top 3 alternative therapy approaches that every rehab facility should adopt today. Also, anybody looking to engage in stress relieving measures, reduce stress and evading a relapse will benefit from this guide.

While these methods are not a replacement of the traditional addiction treatments, they will be an added benefit for the supplement to muscle through early sobriety.

Benefits of Alternative Approaches in Recovery

Alternative approaches feature massive profit in the recovery process of substance and drug abuse. However, we'll list the most important ones here.

• Reduces stress and anxiety – alternative methods like yoga and mindfulness offer the greatest benefit in relieving an abuser from stress and anxiety.

• Improves immunity and energy levels – regular physical exercise is vital in the life of an addict who is recovering. Aside from the tangible physical benefits, training can improve a person's immunity and energy levels.

• Improves the duration and quality of sleep – People who are recovering from substance abuse have insomnia. Yoga, physical exercise and mindfulness practices will gradually improve the quality of sleep.

• Helps in detoxification – Acupuncture is an ancient therapy that treats chronic pain. However, it has other applications such as detoxing the body to get rid of harmful chemicals and purify the bloodstream.

• Promotes relaxation and helps slow down the nervous system – Yoga and acupuncture are known to be effective in helping those with an addition to unwind.
• Improves the body process –Biofeedback therapy aims to help the addict gain better control of their brainwaves to develop a more ‘normal' pattern and maintain self-regulation.

There are countless benefits that an abuser can utilize in the recovery process as an alternative treatment for substance abuse. Let's look at the top 3 approaches with the most effective results.

1. Exercise

Physical exercise is beneficial for people in recovery. Besides increased physical health, exercise improves a person’s immunity and energy levels at the same time improving mood and increasing self-esteem. The slow, gradual integration of physical activity will help reduce instances of abuse of substances and reduce the risk of relapse to those who are in a recovery journey.

2. Art and Music Therapy

Many recovery facilities cater to art and music programs since it has the power to produce better results than most alternative approaches integrated into the recovery journey of an abuser. Through art and music, people express themselves more effectively than during talking sessions.

3. Gardening therapy

This approach is known as horticulture therapy. It promotes the well-being of an abuser by giving him a responsibility and care giving role. This alternative method of treating substance abusers helps to combat anger, improves concentration, reduces aggression and improves self-esteem.

While these are a valuable alternative treatment to substance abuse, they are not a one-size-fits approach. An abuser may need to try different methods to achieve total healing.

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