It’s not just a Table. It Could Boom Your Business.

Dog grooming tables are the first and foremost necessity of the groomer and these are used by professional pet groomers. If you are considering which table to get, there are a number of advantages to consider before making a choice.
1. Convenience
You don’t have to lean over or try to awkwardly groom your dog while he or she is in your lap. The dog grooming table put the dog at the perfect height for grooming.

You can even go for a height adjustable grooming table like Sprint height adjustable folding table. This dog grooming height adjustable table is easy to handle and offers perfect stability. It offers four stages of height setting and has the most ergonomic positions for most groomers

2. Safety
Basically, all dog grooming tables come with some type of non-slip surface. Always purchase one in which there is ribbed padding or some type of cover that is easy for your dog to grip. The dog will be wet and can slip or slide if the surface isn't skidded or non-slip.

Additionally, many grooming tables now come with a metal arm that can be used to keep your dog safely in place during the grooming. In this, we would recommend, Sprint Ultra-Light Weight Competition Table. It is skid-proof. The comfortable surface texture is soothing to both dogs and handlers.

3. Step on and Step off
With either hydraulic or electric dog grooming tables, you can lower the table almost to the floor. This is a wonderful advantage for a dog that is heavy or is feeling a little anxious or stressed. Instead of using a push-pull to put the dog to the grooming table, you simply use a button which lowers the table and you can just walk the dog onto the table and then move it up for grooming.

When the grooming is done, lower the table again and have the dog walk off the table. You will get these features with Magna Big Z Electric Lift Table. This dog grooming height adjustable table has an exceptionally broad lifting range, from a low of 10” to a high of 48”. This pet table has a huge load capacity of 350lbs.
It’s built-in Electric Socket (installed on one end), is a very convenient power source solution for your nail grinder, and clipper. The centre mounted turntable rotates 360 degrees. Eliminates the constant need for walking around the table or having to reposition your subject.
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