When someone says the communication solutions, many people can think till the landline or mobile phone only. If you are one of them, time to reinvent your viewpoint. There are different types of communication solutions available in the market, specifically speaking, for the business communication. In business, often the companies need rich communication solutions to make an impression and win the trust of clients, prospects and investors. These types of advanced communication needs can be fulfilled with the help of the communication solutions developed with expert VoIP development. The VoIP companies around the world offer custom VoIP development service for businesses. Today I will talk about the top 3 standard business communication solution that can benefit companies in multiple ways:

  1. IVR Solution

Interactive Voice Response system, more popularly known as IVR system, is an interactive solution which introduces auto attendant in the business. Not only this, it also lets the callers interact with the system by choosing different options to take certain action. Almost everyone must have interacted with an IVR system. When you call on a number and an automated system plays a voice message to greet you and ask you to choose different options, it is an IVR system. For example, Press 1 for account department, press 2 for sales department, etc. Any business can get an IVR solution for its company at cost effective rates. Also, the companies can get a simple IVR solution which routes call to the right person or give required information or an advanced IVR system such as, booking a hotel room or paying the bill.

  1. Conferencing Solution

There are many businesses which deal with international customers and vendors. The conferencing solution can be really beneficial for those types of businesses because the conferencing solution comes with a wide array of features to conduct audio, video and / or web conferencing. The conferencing solution also helps in taking benefit of rich communication such as, with the help of the conferencing solution one can present the product to prospect with screen sharing and video conferencing features. The conferencing solution can be used in a variety of cases such as,

  • To conduct weekly meetings
  • To run a webinar
  • To make a product launch
  • And more
  1. IP PBX Solution

The IP PBX solution is an IP based Private Branch Exchange. It means it is a comprehensive telephony solution which works on the internet protocol. This makes the communication cheaper to help companies save on their telecommunication cost. Furthermore, the IP PBX system also helps in taking the benefits of advanced communication features. The IP PBX system offers a lot of communication features which take the communication and business operations to another level. For example, the Ring group features rings phone of a group of predefined numbers to make sure the call is attended by anyone from the team. There are many as such features like call forwarding, call transfer, call routing, IVR, call detail reports, call recording, so on and so forth. The businesses can take benefit of this most advanced business communication system.

These are the top 3 communication solutions which flourishes all businesses all across the world. There are also some business specific communication systems available in the market to meet specific communication needs of the business.

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Author works in VoIP company which offers multi tenant IP PBX solution, conferencing solution, IVR system, mobile SIP dialer and many more communication systems.