Located in central Florida, Orlando is a city thousands of people from all over the world visit every year. Some of the most popular tourist attractions of this city include Universal Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando, and Walt Disney World. This city is famous for its mega-amusement parks and is home to countless golf courses, thousands of restaurants and numerous hotels and motels in the Orlando area. Are you planning to visit Orlando and have fun in the theme parks? That’s a great plan! All you have to do is look for some of the best weekly hotels in Orlando where you can have a great stay. Staying in a weekly hotel will not only save money but will also make your stay as comfortable as you would have at home. To help you with the search of the best-extended stay hotels in Orlando, hereby I am sharing the top 3 extended stay hotels in Orlando with a brief of each:

1. Orlando airport Marriott
Want to stay in a weekly hotel that is close to the airport? Orlando Airport Marriott is the name. This beautiful lakeside hotel offers a pool of amenities to make you feel comfortable in every way possible. There are spacious rooms,TV and internet connection to name a few. Get a beautiful tan by soaking yourself up in the sun and relax in the lounge or in a hammock by the lake. You can also visit the city’s top attractions from this extended stay hotel such as the Walt Disney World and the Amway Center. Do you love burning fat by working out? Make use of the fitness center in this hotel. Want to have a swim? There are both indoor and outdoor pools for that. You can have a wonderful and luxurious stay here while exploring the top attraction of the city at fair weekly rates.

2. Hyatt regency grand cypress

Is gives you the luxury you are looking for? Then, this weekly hotel in Orlando is your match. Located near SeaWorld, this hotel has everything that you could have asked for, such as, slides, lagoon-style pool, tennis and racquet club, volleyball, basketball, swinging rope bridge, health club, white sand beach, rock climbing wall, children’s facilities as well as water sports. Whether you want to explore the tourist attractions or relax at this luxurious hotel, the choice is yours.

3. Wyndham Orlando Resort International

Located near the airport, this extended stay hotel in Orlando offers pure bliss. If you choose to stay in this hotel, you will know that you are at somewhere special and luxurious. Do you want to experience the thrills of Orlando or unwind and relax? Whatever your choice is, this hotel is perfect for everything. There are two spacious pools among the green gardens. There are winding lagoons, tropical landscaping, and relaxing courtyard – to soothe your eyes and soul. Are you carrying your pet with you? There’s a good news for you. This hotel is pet-friendly. Staying at this hotel will allow you to have easy access to all the popular attractions of the city.
There are any more extended stay hotels in this city which you can explore from sites such as weeklyhotels.com.

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